You and The Future You!

Mystery is the light of the future. The unknown. The not yet appeared. The who we are not yet.

There are lots of fears and unfortunate psychologies that are programmed into us about the unknown.

Psychologies that bind us into what we know, to give us security about ourselves, and lead to fixed views and an over-bearing certainty about who we think we are.

But what if these psychologies limit our ability to be with the unknown? Limit our ability to grow into our full possibility?

For what if the who we are not yet is not like the who we have been? And that the unknown is the fertile ground in which our potential is realised?

Imagine that you are sitting down today for a chat with your Future You.

1: What advice might your Future You have for you?

2: What fears might it advise you to let go of?

3: What strengths and qualities might it advise you to build on?

4: What insight might it give you into the future?

5: What support might it be able to offer, as you move forward?

6: What might it whisper in your ear to give you confidence?

7: What would you want to ask your Future You?

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