What Is This Thing Called Light?

spiritual mentorThe Greek philosopher and wise man Empedocles, posed the question, ‘What Is This Thing Called Light?’, way back in the mists of time.

And yet, even today, LIGHT has a mystic hold and mystery to it. Yes, there have been breakthroughs in different disciplines in understanding LIGHT, but it still belongs in the realms of the unknown.

But maybe that’s part of its nature and character. Elusive, not easy to pin down. The greater the mystique attached to it, then the greater the awe and wonder that surrounds it.

If we knew everything there was to know about LIGHT, then perhaps the awe and wonder would disappear. Maybe it’s in the pursuit of understanding LIGHT that the task lies. Thus not to understand it fully, but the pursuit itself creates LIGHT within, by the very acts of curiosity and fascination.

As the Bard said, ‘light seeking light doth light of light beguile’. That LIGHT is created by our fascination of LIGHT.

Maybe it can never be fully understood, nor is meant to be. But the presence of LIGHT is the trigger for the creation of LIGHT. Thus LIGHT is added to. A magical proposition indeed.

If our friend Empedocles was around today, there’s every chance he would still be asking, ‘What is this thing called LIGHT?’

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