Welcome To The Inner World Of You

spiritual coachingThe inner world of YOU. Why does it need a welcome message? I’ve lived with myself all my life!

Which is true. But the INNER WORLD feels mysterious.

There is the experience of living with oneself. But there seems so much more…

The life of the instinct. The heart. The brain. The soul. The spirit. The mind. And so much more, places it’s possible to recognise the names of.

But what really goes on there? What’s daily life like there?

What are the stresses and strains experienced there?

What are the joys and uplifts that are felt there?

An outward focused, results orientated life can lead us away from the inner pathways.

Of course a life totally dedicated to the inner way, can take us away from the city of many results, and that’s unlikely to work either: imbalance holds sway.

So what did the gods have in mind when we were gifted with this inner world?

Is it an internal guidance system for us to learn and understand?

To develop empathy with, to be companionable with? For the heart to know us, and for us to know the heart?

To share intelligence? And for these inner living intelligences to grow as we grow? To develop as we develop, in harmony, and in unison?

If this is true, then it’s no small undertaking. For so much we are taught, from school onwards, is outward and results focused and orientated.

So perhaps it’s time to come home.

To be with the oneself of oneself. And from out of that sanctuary, make fresh forays outwards.

The benefits of this inwards first approach may be less burn-out, less stress. Less demand upon oneself.

It’s easy to under-estimate, in the much to do and much going on, the magic of being human.

So, maybe in the space of lockdown winter is there room to breathe in, and appreciate for a moment the very fact of being human.

For if not now, then when…

NOTE: This post aims to capture the spirit of the Light of Glisten

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