The Unlimited Self

Who we can become and grow into can be limited by the messages we have received about ourselves.

Messages that do not honour our uniqueness.

Or unlimited possibility.

Messages that limit how we think about ourselves.

When we in fact have unlimited possibility.

Which tells us to not be fixed by limits…


The Power Of Feelings

Sometimes something within us is so strong, that it can’t not be stopped.

Yes it can be inconvenient.  Burt those inner feelings are not designed to be held in.

They are the cascade of our expression. And fundamental to our growth and development.

Nothing Is Written

spiritual coachingNothing Is Written.

What a powerful message to self this is!

It cuts through notions that change cant occur.

It cuts through the doubts and uncertainties about our power to make a difference

It invites us to consider that we are authors of our own destiny.

It a Laser Light motto that is coded with an everything is possible attitude.

The Leap Of Faith

spiritual coachingThis video draws inspiration from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to highlight the power of The Leap of Faith.

A transformative belief.

That can help us overcome impossible odds or daunting challenges.

Never underestimate the hidden power within…


The Power of Focus!

spiritual mentor

This video uses one of the key scenes from Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction, to demonstrate the power of The Laser Light.

To cut through the fog. Cut through dispersion.

To make create maximum certainty. And minimum doubt.


It’s Impossible!

spiritual coachingFrench high wire artists Phillip Petit is the inspiration for this video.

His daring walk between the Twin Towers in the summer of 1974, embodies The Incandescent Light principle of,’It’s Impossible. Let’s Get Started!’

It’s Fearless. Bold. Courageous


Keep The Glow Alive!

spiritual coachingThe Light of GLOW has been fundamental throughout the human story.

GLOW is the light of warmth; compassion; generosity.

The notion that all the concentrated darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle, pays homage to GLOW.

Maybe it’s the very thing that binds us together as humans.


The Presence Of Calmness

spiritual coachingCalmness has played such a luminous part in the human development story.

An abiding constant. Untroubled by the swirling eddies of doubt and uncertainty.

Calmness is almost sage like in it’s seeming serenity.

As if holding to a deeper knowing about oneself. Or one’s situation.

Like it’s experience means it carries the coded wisdom that beyond troubled and dark times, the light will rise again.


I Believe In You!

spiritual coachingI believe in you. It’s an Incandescent light statement.

Sounds good. But why do I believe in you?

Your probably thinking you don’t even know me.

So how can you believe in someone you don’t know?