Ultra Violet

The Light Of Change

Personal Development

There is a memorable scene in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indiana is following the grail map and it’s leading him over a yawning crevice.

After some natural hesitation, Indy takes a leap of faith and places his foot out over the void. And it’s then a bridge appears or reveals itself, for him to take the walk over the crevice.

Ultra Violet is the light of change or transformation. It can feel very radical, whereby we simply decide, there and then, to no longer put up with things that we have been putting up with. It is a catalyst to enable us to embrace and move into change.

Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, transforming effortlessly from one state to another,

Total transformation to emerge unlike the being you were before.

It can lead us to walking out of jobs or relationships and say, “enough is enough!”.

It challenges our tolerances, and causes us to ask, “Why are you doing this? Is it in accord with what you really want?”

The Ultra Violet shakes us out of our comfort zone and invites us to face the truth about things.

Timings are important with the Ultra Violet, as it creates windows of opportunity in which to take action.

With this light comes the courage to take bold steps and to trust that all be well. It’s powerful, and brings the feeling that things can and will be different, if we so choose.


Core Qualities:

1: Courageous

2: Flexible

3: Inspiring


Shadow: Tainted

Tainted asks the question, “Change. Are you avoiding it?”

The change and transformation on the UV/Tainted bar is often radical.

Changing jobs or careers. Moving house. Leaving a relationship. So you can be more in tune with what’s next for you in your natural development.

This kind of change is often prompted by a constant, nagging feeling inside, that’s telling you to take action, otherwise you will miss the moment, miss the timings that are vital to be in harmony with your growth.