Today Is The Awakening!

Imagine this day, today, was THE day. The day you have always been waiting for. The day where you said, ‘One day I’m going to…’

The day when all your senses are completely alive. When you are not dwelling on the past. Or preoccupied with the challenges of the future.

But the day when you see as if seeing for the first time. When you hear as if hearing for the first time. When you smell as if smelling for the first time. When you touch as if feeling for the first time. When you taste as if tasting for the first time.

Then on top of each sense, you experience the symphony of seeing and hearing together, or seeing, hearing and smelling all at the same time. No interference upon the senses.

Well, here we are. This is it. This is the day. The day of the Awakening.

Breathe in the intoxicating autumn air. And embrace the uniqueness of this day. This hour.

This moment. It has never happened before. And will never happen again!

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