Time To Reflect On What You Can Change!

Spiritual CoachingSo here we go. A New Year, and all the fresh possibilities that brings with it.

And yet we find ourselves in carryover lockdown scenarios that have held sway for nine months.

These scenarios seem to carry overbearing shadow light psychologies that can create a sense that CHANGE is inaccessible.

And yet CHANGE may be more accessible than ever.

But maybe not down the well worn traditional pathways, where the light has become dimmed.

So what pathways am I referring to then? Invisible ones?

Well maybe…

It’s like a subtle change of direction that doesn’t alter the course of travel, but alters the flight path enough to make it feel like we are walking an unwalked path.

It’s an inner recognition that MORE OF THE SAME isn’t going to work.

It’s for each person to find their own subtle shift, based on pattern recognition that either leads to, or doesn’t lead to the undiscovered self.

It’s like walking with CHANGE, whereby CHANGE whispers in the breeze gentle suggestions that might be an aid to avoidance of the paths of over usage.


Things may seem limiting right now. But know that within all of us, our inner guidance system is constantly navigating the ways forward that lead to the who we are not yet.

No one said it would be easy.

But, in the time of greatest challenge often is found the time of greatest possibility!

NOTE: This post is aligned towards THE REFLECTIVE LIGHT. The Light of Contemplation.

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