The Silk Bags and The Shine

Imagine all the good things you have done in your life… the times you have helped others in difficulty; the warmth and support you have given; the time you have freely offered; the things you have done to help others succeed. All the generosity that has poured forth from your heart.

The Silk Bags

Now I want you to imagine that all these moments, all these times, are being returned back to you. Returned back to you in small silk bags.

Each of these silk bags contains a glowing light that represents each one of these moments of unconditional giving.

And so I want you to make a nice pile of the silk bags as they are returned to you.

The Glowing Light

When the pile is finally complete, and it may take some time, I want you to carefully open each bag, and take out the glowing light.

Firstly you will hold the glow in the palm of your hand. Then the glow will naturally move up your arm, and find its own way to a new home inside your cells.

When you have finally opened each of the silk bags, and taken out each glowing light, and each glowing light has found a home inside your cells…then you will SHINE!

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