The Power Of A Cause!

spiritual coachingEnglish football fans might have observed that Manchester City’s win over Manchester United last night was dedicated to former player Colin Bell, who had died 24 hours previously.

Manchester City had a cause. A collective focus to win on behalf of somebody else.

In doing so they created a twelfth player.

An invisible force that added extra energy, desire and enthusiasm to their game.

A cause is another name for a powerful REASON WHY.

The reason why you do what you do.

A powerful REASON WHY can never be under-estimated. So many of the great human adversity stories are born out the reason why, whether it be:

  • to right a wrong;
  • to break a stop situation;
  • to do it on behalf of others who are no longer with us;
  • to serve a greater or higher cause;
  • to change one’s personal situation.

There are so many reasons why to chose from…

Sure, some days don’t feel like reason why days. We show up. Do what needs to be done. And head home.

However too many of these days can lead to a ‘same shit, different day’ mindset, where repetition holds sway, and we lose the connection to the power that moves mountains or makes a difference.

And this is the beauty of a CAUSE.

It can create a shift in power that liberates us from ordinariness. Takes us to a new level of possibility.

Each person’s CAUSE is unique to them.

But find the sweet spot of a CAUSE and you can draw on previously untapped emotional power and energy. Why?

Because a CAUSE is an act of service, a doing something for more than self-serving reasons.

To add into the human story.

And that untapped power is akin to CAUSE power.

Coded into us all, so that we may move beyond singularity into collective thinking and feeling.

Thus a CAUSE only exists because of the human capacity to recognise that there is more than oneself!

So whatever moves you to do, to give, to share, know that each act on behalf of someone or something else makes a small mark on the constantly evolving human story.

And the beauty of a cause is that CAUSES never die.

They are fundamental to collective life in this part of the universe!

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