Keep The Glow Alive!

Spiritual CoachingGlow is one of our fundamental lights.

When Glow is active, it’s a sign and a signal to all the other inner lights that all is well in the House of Lights.

When Glow is switched off, or dimmed, it can create stress on other lights such as Glisten, that then have to work extra hard to ensure our inter-connected network remains lit.

And eventually this can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

Keeping and maintaining the Glow is therefore important.

Glow is associated with doing things that you love to do.

But in times when so many of our external recreational and social options are closed off to us, how do we keep the Glow alive?

Well, imagery is one way.

One of the main imagery props for Glow is that of the lighted candle.

The candle plays a remarkable role in keeping Glow alive.

For it is said that all the concentrated darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.

Which tells you a lot about the enduring nature of Glow and its part in the human story.

As do people. For people can remind us of the best of who we are.

For to think the best of a friend is an act of Glow. For Glow is the light that emits from the heart.

So…Imagine that a loyal friend has appeared before you and has brought you a gift of a lighted candle.

The candle brings warmth and a sense of inclusion.

Your friend stands nearby with the candle, unwavering in their supportive attitude towards you.

As you breathe in and appreciate that you are not alone, a second loyal friend appears, also with a lighted candle.

They have the same supportive unwavering attitude as the first friend.

They stand nearby the first friend. Now there are two lit lights, which enhances the sense of warmth and increasing inclusion.

Shortly a third friend arrives, again with the same supportive attitude. And with a lighted candle.

The three friends form a small arc of lighted support.

Shortly afterwards they are joined by a person you don’t recognise. But they know you.

Many years ago you afforded them an act of kindness, which they haven’t forgotten about. And now, upon hearing the calling, they are here, unconditionally, with a lighted candle.

And they have brought with them an appreciative friend, who is grateful that one day someone was there for their friend. And they too have brought a lighted candle.

So now there are five good people, with candles, offering fulsome support.

Another person appears, again who you only have a fleeting remembrance of.

But they too were blessed by one of your many acts kindnesses, and are moved to repeat the kindness.

The gathering of people with lighted candles is growing. Two people have arrived because they were naturally drawn by the warming light, and wanted to add to it with light of their own.

The next visitors come in a group of three and come from a time before you were born.

But nevertheless they know of you. For time places no limit upon connection.

And they know of you by frequency. For they sense a mutuality of values. You stand for the same things and they are summoned to support your life and endeavour.

And now there is a surprise visitor. It is yourself bringing a candle for you. You might wonder why you are bringing a candle for you. Well, wouldn’t you want to give support to you? Bring the light of Glow so that Glow may live in you.

So then there was twelve.

The group of people, many of whom you have never met before, stand quietly.

There is no need to speak. The atmosphere is one of unconditional support.

Glow does not speak loudly to announce itself. By its very name and nature Glow carries the weight of its character very lightly.

And brings us into a natural state of settlement and gentle well being.

So be with the abiding Glow. There is no hurry to leave or move on.

The presence of Glow will be reassuring to the other lights. And an air of settlement can fall upon the House of Lights.

Glow is always there, always nearby. But it can get dimmed in the exigencies of life.

May you, in all your days, keep the GLOW alive!

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