The Glow Maintenance

Imagine that you live in a house that has a room dedicated to each aspect of your life.

So for example, your Work / Vocation life:

  • Relationships
  • Financial
  • Creative
  • New Learning
  • Personal Growth
  • Adventures
  • Health and Well Being.

These are just a few. We have many.

How Much Glow?

And as you walk around each room of the house, you are assessing as to how much Glow there is in each room.

Some rooms may have lots of Glow. The rooms that glow feel welcoming, warming, inviting.

In others the Glow may be very low, and needs some attention. Rooms without Glow feel cold, a bit empty, starved of attention.

If the room feels low on Glow, can you imagine it starting to fill with Glowing light? Perhaps the room can be lit with night lights to bring it some Glow. Maybe the windows need opening first, to let some fresh air in, and the old air out.

So the task here is to:

1: Write down all the rooms in your ‘personal life’ house.

2: Mentally walk around each room and mark out of 10 how much Glow there is in each room.

3: If a room is low on Glow, decide what is needed to bring some Glow back, e.g. open windows; night lights; a crackling fire; fresh colours, flowers, friends, artwork in the room. Or mentally write the word Glow across the walls.

4: If the room already has a nice Glow, see if you can make the Glow even brighter. Magnify the light until it feels like it has come alive!

5: Take a walk around the front and back of the house, to see if the Glow is feelable from the outside.

The purpose of this Glow Maintenance exercise, is to always be keeping the Glow alive.

In the demands of daily life, it can be possible to neglect some of our rooms, and fail to notice the light becoming fainter. Keeping the Glow alive enhances our well-being and sense of self, and is the trigger for many of the other lights.

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