The Flash Of Light

The 23 lightsIn 2016, scientists at Northwestern University, Illinois made the remarkable discovery that at the point of conception, upon the union of sperm and egg, a flash of light occurs.

And that this flash of light, made up of biophotons is then woven into our DNA.

Human DNA is held within 23 pairs of chromosomes, and research has shown that each pair of chromosomes has different qualities, characteristics and attributes.

This then suggests that within us all there are 23 different natures of light.

This might explain why there are so many descriptive words for light around the human experience.

For example:

• They are a very Bright individual
• They were Glowing with happiness
• They Sparkled with joy
• Things are starting to Dawn on them
• They are a Beacon of hope
• It was a Dazzling display from the maestro

The 23 Lights, the lights woven into our DNA at conception and birth, give us our uniqueness and code for living. When our lights are switched on we feel fulfilled and aligned with our purpose.

Life has a flow to it. Everything feels on track.

However, when our lights are switched off, we don’t feel ourselves.

Something doesn’t quite feel right. But we don’t know what it is.

This can cause restlessness, and at times, feelings of gloom and perhaps despondency.

We know our lights are off, but don’t know how to get them switched back on.

This is the purpose of the 23 Lights Energy Boost work.

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