The Five Fountains & The Reflective Light

This is an imagery based attempt to capture the spirit of the Reflective Light.


Imagine that there’s a moment when everyday life gets too much, with its routines and its sometimes overbearing nature.

The urge to get away is compelling. So you pack your bags with a few things, and head out away from the city and the throbbing milieu.

After an hour or so of travelling, the air starts to feel clearer.

And then you see the first signposts.


Reflection – A Time To Be With You


So you park the car and begin to walk. For when you reach the special environment of Reflection, it naturally causes you to slow down.

There’s a feeling of no rush. You don’t need to be anywhere else. Doing anything else. With anyone else.


One of the first things you notice as you walk into Reflection is the sound.

It’s the gentle cascade of water. And it feels very soothing for the soul.

For Reflection is famous for its five fountains.

You take your shoes off as you approach the first of the five fountains.


1: This is the Fountain of Leaving Things Behind.

It’s colour is Pale Blue.

And as you sit next to the fountain, things which may have been bothering you start to feel unimportant.

Worries and anxieties drop away, as do stresses and concerns.

As the pale blue fountain washes away those things which you no longer need.

After sitting quietly by the fountain, there is a pull to walk slowly over the to second fountain.


2: This is the fountain of Calmness and Settlement

And its light is Pale Yellow.

Sitting by this gentle cascade of water, causes a removal of any demand or hardness upon oneself.

Demands to be perfect. Demands to meet the approval of others. Demands to do.

In the pale yellow light, there is an increasing empathy within oneself, about oneself, and is very very settling.

There is no rush to leave this second fountain. Abiding here is good.

But after a while, there comes the moment, when the third fountain beckons.


3: This is the Fountain of Clarity and Understanding

It’s colour is White

As you sit by the gentle cascade of this fountain, it starts to bring clarity to oneself, about the habits, patterns and mindsets that cause certain things to happen.

Patterns that may not necessarily serve us well. And the ones that do.

It’s like having a mirror held up to oneself saying, this is the truth about you. Not harshly so. But gently. Softly. Caringly.

For Do No Harm is one of the core values of Reflection.

This middle of the fountains, allows a clear insight into the past, and greater clarity about the future. And causes a glow within, as you see a greater truth about yourself.

And it’s with a spring in your step as you move towards the fourth fountain.


4: The Fountain of Renewal

And its colour is Pale Pink.

This fountain is energizing. Like all the cells in the body being bathed in life force.

It brings a feeling of confidence and trust in oneself.

Making you feel like life has begun again inside of oneself. Fortifying your strengths. Diminishing your weaknesses.

It causes you to want to dance and the fifth fountain beckons you over.


5: This is the Fountain of New Possibility and its colour is Pale Green.

Life now looks and feels very different. This fountain feels like it is littering the path of your future with gemstones for when you might need them.

It allows you to believe that the future will not in anyway resemble the past. And it is very uplifting indeed.

So feeling very different to when you arrived in Reflection, it’s time to slowly make your way home.

Knowing that you can return here at any time.


  • Leave things from the past behind
  • Find settlement
  • Understand oneself better
  • Rebuild trust and confidence
  • And reset the north star


So thank you for visiting Reflection and the Five Fountains. Come and see us again.

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