About The Lights


Spiritual CoachingWhat follows are initial understandings about the 23 lights. These understandings offer an insight into the lights, and will help you see which ones are important to you.

Why are these particular lights singled out? It is because these are the lights most prevalent across human history.

As for the order of the lights, there is a natural order into which each one fits:

• The Starter Lights
• The Development Lights
• The Higher Lights

The Descriptions

The descriptions of the 23 lights follow a pattern of:

• General understandings about each light
• Early understandings about the shadow light

The Shadow Light is the undeveloped aspect of each light. Or the consequences of not enough light, or even no light at all.

Personal development could be seen as the journey out of Shadow Light into The Lights.

The 23 Lights

1: The Starter Lights

• Divine: The Sanctified Light

Dawn: The Light of Awakening

Soft: The Peaceful Light

Glow: The Light Of Warmth

Bright: The Light Of Clarity

Glisten: The Magic Light

Laser: The Light Of Breakthrough


2: The Development Lights

Sparkle: The Light Of Joy

• Beacon: The Light Of Guidance

Reflective: The Light Of Contemplation

Brilliant: The Uplifting Light

Shining: The Light Of Happiness

Shimmering: The Dancing Light

Dazzling: The Light Of Virtuosity


3: The Higher Lights

Luminescent: The Light Of Lights

• Incandescent: The Unstoppable Fire

• Iridescent: The Light Of Originality

Emanatory: The Light Of Presence

Illumination: The Light of Wisdom

Ultra Violet: The Light Of Transformation

Diamond: The Light Of Values

Mystery: The Light Of The Unknown

Eternal: The Light That Never Goes Out