The 23 Lights: Glow! – test page

The Home…The Heart and The Hearth

The 23 LightsIt’s good to glow! The glow is an inner radiance that comes from doing the things you love. The code in you has got switched on. What does this mean? That each individual is made up of a unique code. The code that makes you the only you there has ever been.

When the code gets switched on it glows. And so you do too! The glow is the divines way of helping you to understand yourself. The glow is a light that creates a feeling of well being. And leads you to seek out more of that experience.

Too much glow can lead to a feeling of self absorption or self entitlement. You fall in love with your own glow. Do-gooders may experience this. You develop an identity around your own glow. Maybe you love yourself…selfies etc…but not in the right way. Self adoration and narcissistic behaviour.