The 23 Lights: Dawn!

Light Two: Dawn (The Light Of Awakening)

Wake Up It’s A Beautiful Morning!

The 23 LightsDo you set the alarm to see the dawn? Does each day hold promise and possibility? And within each day how conscious are you of the moment to moment experience? This light brings the Awakening of oneself to the reality of one’s situation. And can be the trigger for change. A readiness to tackle whatever comes your way.

Too much of the Dawn Light can lead to the inability to switch off…you are always on…which can be overbearing for others around you! Like speaking in streams of consciousness with no space for reflection. Hyper active!


Shadow Light: Gloom.

It’s the same shit different day feeling. A sense of stuckness. Nothing new can get in or occur. Accepting that things can’t be changed…or having no confidence in your ability to make changes or leave things behind. Strong historical attachments hold sway. And also boredom. Which can be a trigger for awakenings. Or the background to a near permanent state of gloom.

In addition, background pre-occupation prevents being in the now. Mental filters and white noise that dim the consciousness of the moment.