What do a few of the people who I have worked with have to say about the experience?

Margaret Walkden

‘It was a wonderful experience. You certainly are a master coach, in your content, delivery and encouragement of participants, to name but a few of your coaching skills’.

Sarah Litvinoff

‘You’ve got a lovely, gentle manner and a great honesty. Your concepts are fresh and different enough to mean that we all look at an old issue in a different way’.

Sally Kent

‘I loved your class: welcoming, inclusive, inspirational. I liked your down to earth, personal examples and particularly enjoyed them being about the inner game of confidence, rather than external achievements. You are just the right person to be doing this work‘.

John Devine

‘This was the best class I’ve been on thus far. Your level of professionalism and keeping the class flowing, was helpful. I wish all programmes could be led this way!’

Lee Walker

‘This was an extraordinary and beautiful piece of work and reflects your spiritual/soulful and poetic approach to the field of excellence. Thanks for all your stories and insights. I wish you every success imaginable’.

Resli Costabeli

‘I found the session stimulating, relevant and of immediate practical use. Some of my attitudes have shifted and I feel freer. You have a wonderful way of putting powerful concepts into accessible and memorable language. I love the line about evicting self-doubt in favour of new residents who will pay the rent! I now feel more confident in the value of my work and in charging substantial amounts for it’.

Suzee Ebling

‘You are warm, wise and a total sweetheart – now THAT’S a powerful combination! The programme was just sensational…you got people to think, feel and participate…WOW! I’ll never forget how great it felt to hear the exact words that empower me said out loud. I was floored by the whole experience. Thanks, thanks, thanks!’

Mike De Bruyn

You put on one of the best classes that I have taken. Much of what you said I already knew, but you put it in a new perspective for me. Thank you for that. As this course was so very good, I’ll be on the lookout for other courses you lead’.

Sam Bishop Jones

Thank you for a very rewarding session. You were very empathic and I did not feel overwhelmed, as many ‘super-confident’ people can make me feel inadequate. You have a very special gift to give to others, you are able to support people to make a real difference to the quality of their lives’.

Louise James

Hello Martin! I just finished your book. I am practicing the exercises which I find extremely helpful. The explanation of the different causes which produce the lost of confidence are very useful. Not only it help the reader to understand the source of the problem but also to identify the adequate solution for it. I am usually confident but the last three four years I lost it all along the way. That was due to work bullying down the line but although I moved from the situation and made a stand against it, I just felt chattered and hopeless afterwards.

I just got stuck into that kind of victim syndrome which destroyed my marriage in its path for I felt like I was no good and being treated likewise.

Now I am starting to bounce back, Past is Past, and enjoy my present. I found your book extremely useful in my recovery. It was like finding a practical keep on track guide!!

Thank you very much for the helping hand.

Damian Hughes

Martin Perry is a master of his art. He is unique within British industry. He describes himself as being the lighted match thrown into firework factory of ideas and imagination and creativity that exists within every workplace and, in my experience, Martin possesses the wit, courage and ability to make the spectacular happen and to release the untapped potential that we all possess both as individuals and within teams.

“I would encourage anyone reading this to extend an invite to Martin, share your challenge, light the blue touch paper and then stand well back and enjoy the show!”

Jamie Gordon

‘As was obvious, I took a hell of a lot from this meeting. The second exercise, was possibly, the one exercise that I have attempted in my life that has left me absolutely reeling and it was like a hammer blow to the head with the realisation that I do indeed try to make things, way too complex and my communication skills leave a lot to be desired on occasions.

Although this was a shock result and one I never expected, it taught me more about myself than anything that has come before. It has given me a chance to completely re-examine my approach to both my work and my personal life and an early opportunity to realise a weakness in my management style, which I can now alter with immediate effect’. –

Lucy Green

‘I found the session inspirational. Possibly one of the most positive moments I have had since joining Luminar. I am at heart an optimist and found the ideas positive and atmosphere liberating.

I really appreciate the fact that you treated everyone in the same way, encouraging energy and thoughts from members of staff who are lower in the hierarchy. I felt as if we had broken down barriers and were considering everyone as equal – an important gesture in the search for new and fresh ideas’. –

Will Turner

‘I walked away from the meeting on a high. The energy now flows through the team, growing every day. I feel like we are on a roll, gathering momentum. The level of work going into creating our dreams here, is immense. I feel at the moment, that there are no limits to what we can achieve. Our continual progression into the realms of legends will take time, as we prove to everyone what we are truly capable of’.

Raffaello Sciffo

‘I want to show you my appreciation for the magnificent work you have been doing for my business dream. I have met many
business coaches and Gurus, but although you do what they do in analysing statistics, you perceive the essence of the dream’.

Catherine Steer

‘In my experience, Martin brings a unique blend of creativity, spontaneity and spirituality to his work. He has a great passion for coaching and is a true champion in bringing out the best in others.His style is intuitive and analytical and as such he will always challenge me to look more closely at the true nature of the cause of the issue rather than just dealing with the symptoms. Martin’s coaching inspires me to push out the boundaries into unknown territories….I trust implicitly that he will sense exactly the right approach to take in helping me navigate the ensuing changes.

Mike Reed

‘I have been working with Martin Perry for the last 10 months and in that time have found him to be an inspirational, supportive and dynamic coach.When I approached Martin, I had seen a very successful sales career vanish from a combination of lack of success and self belief.

Martin has enabled me to find new, improved employment and I believe has laid the foundation for future success. I simply cannot recommend Martin highly enough. I feel that I owe Martin a significant debt of gratitude for helping me find the light when all around was darkness’.