Create Your Own Map!

Spiritual CoachingCreate your own map. Of what? … Why do I need a map?

If we simply want to repeat history, then a map may not be necessary. We are walking paths already trod, established in the known of ourselves. And that’s fine.

But for the traveller who requires a bolder adventure and tasking, then discovering the UNKNOWN of oneself offers more treasure.

Thus a map of the UNDISCOVERED SELF is what is being mooted.

So how do you create a map of the UNDISCOVERED SELF, if it’s undiscovered? (We’ve been here before, I know!)

Well maybe there is a balance of 2/3rds and 1/3rds.

The 2/3rds element of this map are the villages, towns and cities of oneself. Recognised through the values and qualities we hold dear, and have been the rock of stability as we move through life.

They are the things others recognise us by.

On this map, they are the holding places of settlement and fortification.

Anchor points of living lights.

Now, as we walk from village to village it’s possible to hear the whisper on the breeze of guidance.

Guidance that prompts us to the mystery pathways of the UNDISCOVERED SELF.

Of course, this journey may not be for everyone.

There are enough challenges in handling the known right now.

Yet from the moment we arrived in this part of the universe, we have been travellers into the unknown of oneself.

That journey doesn’t grind to a halt in the presence of lockdown living.

The evolutary winds don’t stop blowing.

The signposts to the future are still being lit everyday.

Having a map creates a focus, and prevents us from getting caught up in the fog of prevailing uncertainties.

It will be UNIQUE to you.

Never before written.

And the start of the journey to the undiscovered treasure of oneself.

Make it So!

NOTE: This post is aligned to THE LASER LIGHT. The Light of Breakthrough