The Light Of Joy

Observe light as it sparkles across the water. Each individual sparkle exists for a micro-second, before disappearing and is instantly replaced by another sparkle.

When we sparkle we don’t censor or second guess ourselves, worry about what others think, or fear the consequences of being expressive. It’s instant. Immediate. Spontaneous.

We see it in children all the time. As they play, explore, discover. It’s natural to sparkle. Like being lit up at being alive!

Maybe of all the lights, Sparkle is the most child-like, its light sprinkling magic dust over all the other lights!


Core Qualities:

1: Joy

2: Happiness

3: Playful


Shadow: Dim

Dim occurs when we have lost our sense of fun, humour and playfulness. It’s like our childlike qualities have been suppressed by an overbearing seriousness.

This can come from others around us who have become old before their time, or from within ourselves, when we become burdened by the weight of responsibility life sometimes brings.

Dim brings feelings of boredom, restlessness and unhappiness, as the joyful life within us that keep us forever young, is held back and restrained.