The Light Of Contemplation

Personal Development

The Reflective Light is the most understated of all the lights. It allows a deeper understanding of oneself, for us to know ourselves better.

Reflection allows a time to stop, pause and add up. A time to be with you.

The Reflective Light is like seeing yourself in the mirror. We can see what we want to see. Or we can see the truth of ourselves.

It’s an opportunity to confirm strengths. And either turn weaknesses into strengths, or detach ourselves from those things which no longer serve us.


Core Qualities:

1: Thoughtfulness

2: Consideration

3: Contemplation

Shadow: Melancholy

There are subtle but important differences between Reflective and Melancholy.

Reflective allows us to thoughtfully consider things which have happened, and out of the reflection, come up with a plan or strategy for change, if change is called for.

In Melancholy, there is a strong tendency to wallow in what has happened, with an underpinning belief that it is inevitable things will go wrong.

This belief leads to psychologies such as, “I am unlucky”. “Good things don’t happen to me”. “I’ll never be successful”.

And this attracts other people in our lives who love to wallow in the brooding rivers of self-absorption.