The Light Of Peace

Personal Development

When you’re moved by the Soft Light it is possible to feel deeper levels of humanity. And with it compassion for self and others.

With it comes a sense of calmness and gentleness, like a quiet serenity, as all feels well, and you feel generally untroubled by things.

There is also a feeling of unconditional love, which melts over-bearing hardness in self and others.

As Gandhi said, ‘Freedom is not worth having, if it doesn’t not include the freedom to make mistakes’.


Core Qualities

1: Love

2: Humility

3: Gentleness


Shadow: Wan

Being a soft person has many advantages. It brings with it compassion; care; gentleness and many other fine qualities.

Wan means that we don’t always protect our soft qualities with clear boundaries, for fear of causing offence.

For with soft, we naturally want to get on with everybody and don’t wish to practise exclusion of others.