The Light Of Happiness

Personal Development

To SHINE is to bring qualities and values into the world that can make a DIFFERENCE.

Things such as:

  • Upholding the best qualities in others
  • Helping people succeed or overcome challenges
  • Holding true to your beliefs
  • Being a rock of stability for others
  • Doing what you say and saying what you mean.

So it becomes clear that people know exactly what you STAND for!

When you shine, it has such a positive impact upon people.

It’s like a living radiance that brings out the best in others.

And it comes forth from the strength of feeling you have in yourself, about what you stand for and believe in.

Your truth! No one else’s. This is how it is for you.

Not because, this is how others think and feel.

No! Because of how you think and feel.

Stand up! Be strong! SHINE!


Core Qualities:

1: Generosity

2: Optimistic

3: Warmth


Shadow: Overcast

The psychologies that go with Overcast often come from the hurts and wounds caused by other people’s behaviours towards us.

We may have a warm, giving heart, but if others have abused our trust, or taken advantage of us, it can cause our heart to withdraw its benefaction.

This can be painful and can lead to loneliness and isolation, as we move away from people into a safe place where we can’t be hurt anymore.