Shining – The Growth Vitamin

Shining is the growth vitamin of the 23 lights. It’s the lights’ equivalent of the Sun. Shining is designated as light 12.

The Homeobox

On chromosome 12, we find the Homeobox.

The Homeobox is a cluster of genes that guides an embryo from an undefined mass into a head, arms, feet, body and so on.

It holds the code for the growth of the human form.

And so it is with the Shining light. It holds the code for who we can become.

The Shining

Shining is unconditional in its nature. It holds no sway with criticism, moaning, blaming, distrust and so on.

It sees the good things in ourselves and others, and can look beyond flaws, because its focus is on supporting the development of natural human qualities.

So don’t be persuaded by negativity. It taints the Shining light. No one is perfect, or is meant to be.

Try to radiate a little bit of your Shining light to yourself and others. The world will be a better place for it!

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