The Dancing Light

There’s a great scene in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s beautiful film ‘Amelie’. The film’s narrator makes an observation that captures the spirit of the Shimmering light.

He’s referring to the challenges shy people have in verbal exchanges with confident people.

He says, “With a prompter in each cellar window whispering comebacks… shy people would have the last laugh.”

This is what the Shimmering light is like. It’s a prompter, there to support you. Its character is not loud or obtrusive. But is gentle and respectful.

It’s like when you see a feather on your path. It’s the sign of something telling you that everything is ok.

The Shimmering light knows you better than you know yourself. And it has no other agenda, other than ‘how can I help you succeed?’.
It’s a bit like a guardian angel in it’s nature. There to serve you and you alone.

It’s a whisperer of truths and directions. Trying to get your attention in the lightest way possible.
It may suggest you go for a walk in the woods or by the river. For it’s in the quiet places that you can appreciate the Shimmering light better.

You may not be able to see the Shimmering light. But if you stop, pause and feel, you may be able to sense its nearby presence.
It brings a quiet joy and a feeling that you are not alone. For what kind of universe would abandon you?

Take a moment and give space for the Shimmering light. It will be a loyal friend and companion all the days of your life.


Core Qualities:

1: Responsive

2: Expressive

3: Intuitive


Shadow: Shrouded

The psychologies that go with Shrouded are avoidance and denial. And holding onto attachments at the point when it is time to let go of them.

The future is not the same as the past. And there may well be habits, behaviours and mindsets that we have become attached to that we no longer need as we move into our future.

It means being frank and honest with ourselves. And being able to put things down and leave behind, that we instinctively know we no longer require.

It’s a bit like crossing a desert. Imagining that this desert represents a long walk into our future. What would we want to take with us as we cross this desert?