The Diamond Light and the Fortification

To capture the spirit of the Diamond Light, I’d like to share a true story that happened recently.

Noah and Sara

I was at a seminar in London. At the seminar were two friends whom I have known a long time, Noah and Sara.

Before leaving the seminar, I asked Noah and Sara, who were both travelling back to Nottingham, if they would like to stop at a motorway services for a snack.

They agreed and sometime later, we met at Watford Gap services. Now as it was sometime past ten at night, the only food counter that was open was McDonalds. So we found a small table and began to chat.

After sometime, I said to them both, ‘I have known you both for nearly 40 years. And you have known me for nearly 40 years, and each other too. So I am going to go into my bag and get something out.’

So I drew out of my bag a Magic Light.

This Magic Light represents the value that has been forged from out of the nearly 40 years of knowing you, I said to Sara.

And the Magic Light was placed on the table, where it glowed.

Then I said to Noah, I am going to go into my bag, where I have something for you. So I went into the bag and produced another Magic Light.

This Magic Light represents the value that has been forged out the nearly 40 years of which I have known you.

And the Magic Light was placed on the table where it glowed.

Sara and Noah were then asked if they would like to place Magic Lights on the table.

So that there were then six Magic Lights on the table.

All glowing.

Now, I said, it’s time for the seventh thing. At this point all the six Magic Lights will merge and form a Seventh Light, and this Seventh Light will be a Diamond Light.

It is a light that cannot go out, because it has been forged on real things

  • Devotion
  • Companionship
  • Trust
  • Adversity
  • Resolve
  • Courage
  • Loyalty

And this Diamond Light will be the fortification, the thing we can turn to as we journey into the future. It will be the stability and the holding of good things.

And in the centre of the table the Diamond Light radiated.

It was time to leave, as there was much of the journey still to complete. The Diamond Light was not returned into a bag, but held inside each of us.

And with that we left McDonalds, and headed home. Deeply enriched for this special moment in time.

What Does An Awakening Feel Like?

The 23 LightsDawn is the light of Awakening. Awakenings are special things, like a shaft of light has seared into our consciousness.

Awakenings offer perceptions and insights into who we are, and why we do what we do. They allow us to see the truth about ourselves.

And they are also the herald of change and new possibility.

Without Awakenings we would possibly never change, grow or develop into the person we can be.


Developing The Glisten

Imagine that within us is an intelligence network of cells, organs, nerves, brains, soul, spirit and so much more, that is created to be in service. Supporting us as we grow and develop.

But as we live our lives, there can be so much that impacts on our relationship with this magical internal network.

Demands in many forms. From the demand to make a living, to the demands we may make of ourselves.

From, ‘a perfectionist streak, e.g. ‘I’m not good enough’, to fear of failure, e.g. ‘What if it goes wrong?’

Basically these messages are delivered into our intelligence network, and I wonder what the network makes of hearing statements repetitively of ‘I’m not good enough?’

Maybe they then work extra hard to please us. But at the cost of over-working the systems, leading to potential burn out.

So to Glisten is to be in harmony with our internal network.

To be:

  • Empathic
  • Supportive
  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Gentle
  • Warm

For these are the vitamins that sustain the network, and cause well-being.

Glisten is like a marriage between the network and ourselves. A small dew drop of sentiment, formed from our relationship with ourselves.



The Five Fountains & The Reflective Light

This is an imagery based attempt to capture the spirit of the Reflective Light.


Imagine that there’s a moment when everyday life gets too much, with its routines and its sometimes overbearing nature.

The urge to get away is compelling. So you pack your bags with a few things, and head out away from the city and the throbbing milieu.

After an hour or so of travelling, the air starts to feel clearer.

And then you see the first signposts.


Reflection – A Time To Be With You


So you park the car and begin to walk. For when you reach the special environment of Reflection, it naturally causes you to slow down.

There’s a feeling of no rush. You don’t need to be anywhere else. Doing anything else. With anyone else.


One of the first things you notice as you walk into Reflection is the sound.

It’s the gentle cascade of water. And it feels very soothing for the soul.

For Reflection is famous for its five fountains.

You take your shoes off as you approach the first of the five fountains.


1: This is the Fountain of Leaving Things Behind.

It’s colour is Pale Blue.

And as you sit next to the fountain, things which may have been bothering you start to feel unimportant.

Worries and anxieties drop away, as do stresses and concerns.

As the pale blue fountain washes away those things which you no longer need.

After sitting quietly by the fountain, there is a pull to walk slowly over the to second fountain.


2: This is the fountain of Calmness and Settlement

And its light is Pale Yellow.

Sitting by this gentle cascade of water, causes a removal of any demand or hardness upon oneself.

Demands to be perfect. Demands to meet the approval of others. Demands to do.

In the pale yellow light, there is an increasing empathy within oneself, about oneself, and is very very settling.

There is no rush to leave this second fountain. Abiding here is good.

But after a while, there comes the moment, when the third fountain beckons.


3: This is the Fountain of Clarity and Understanding

It’s colour is White

As you sit by the gentle cascade of this fountain, it starts to bring clarity to oneself, about the habits, patterns and mindsets that cause certain things to happen.

Patterns that may not necessarily serve us well. And the ones that do.

It’s like having a mirror held up to oneself saying, this is the truth about you. Not harshly so. But gently. Softly. Caringly.

For Do No Harm is one of the core values of Reflection.

This middle of the fountains, allows a clear insight into the past, and greater clarity about the future. And causes a glow within, as you see a greater truth about yourself.

And it’s with a spring in your step as you move towards the fourth fountain.


4: The Fountain of Renewal

And its colour is Pale Pink.

This fountain is energizing. Like all the cells in the body being bathed in life force.

It brings a feeling of confidence and trust in oneself.

Making you feel like life has begun again inside of oneself. Fortifying your strengths. Diminishing your weaknesses.

It causes you to want to dance and the fifth fountain beckons you over.


5: This is the Fountain of New Possibility and its colour is Pale Green.

Life now looks and feels very different. This fountain feels like it is littering the path of your future with gemstones for when you might need them.

It allows you to believe that the future will not in anyway resemble the past. And it is very uplifting indeed.

So feeling very different to when you arrived in Reflection, it’s time to slowly make your way home.

Knowing that you can return here at any time.


  • Leave things from the past behind
  • Find settlement
  • Understand oneself better
  • Rebuild trust and confidence
  • And reset the north star


So thank you for visiting Reflection and the Five Fountains. Come and see us again.

Charlie Caroli & The Incandescent Light

Blackpool Tower Circus. I am 6 years old. The headline act is the famous Italian clown Charlie Caroli.

Charlie has a side-kick called Paul. Paul is willowy and plays the clarinet.

Charlie and Paul have a routine. Charlie chases Paul around the ring with a custard pie.

However, Paul is very nimble and quick. Charlie is portly and slow. He can’t catch Paul.

At one point though, Charlie does get close to Paul. So Paul jumps over the ring apron into the crowd.

Charlie then stands on the ring apron, and hurls a custard pie at Paul. Charlie’s aim isn’t very good, and it misses Paul and hits a member of the audience flush in the face.

They have come to enjoy the circus. Now they are covered in sticky custard pie.

I am ecstatic with joy.

Charlie and Paul have broken the rules.

Surely the circus can only take place inside the ring. That is what the ring is for, isn’t it?

Then to hit a member of the audience in the face with a pie. That’s not normal? But they have done.

It’s an incredible moment. Every cell inside of me feels like it is lit up by an incandescent light.

A feeling so liberating, that it seems like the moment is being imprinted indelibly inside of me.

So that its awesomeness lives on, in a new way. Not in Charlie Caroli.

But in a six year old boy who has been taken to a magical place. A place where rules and boundaries simply cannot contain spontaneity and joy.

This moment has lived on in him since, in many different ways, at many different times. Not edge of circus ring custard pie throwing.

But in other forms, that have the same feeling of creative rule breaking.

For when the Incandescent Light gets triggered, things are never the same again!


Note 1: What lights might have been switched on in Charlie Caroli? Well, maybe:

1: The Iridescent Light = the search for orginality

2: The Brilliant Light – the commitment and dedication to your art and craft

3: The Glow  – the love of what you do

4: The Sparkling Light – bringing joy and magic into people’s lives

5: The Incandescent Light – the inner fire to push back boundaries


Note 2: Why Look at Moments In Time?

One of the reasons to look back at moments in time, is not to wallow in nostalgia.

But to try to see what lights have got switched on in us in those moments.

So that we have a better understanding of which lights form the major harmonics in our life.





Amnesty International – Where Is The Beacon Light?

A review into workplace culture has discovered there is a toxic working environment at the human rights champion Amnesty International. Reports of bullying, humiliation and other abuses of power appear widespread.

An US v THEM culture is reported to exist, with lack of trust in senior management.

The declared vision of Amnesty international is ‘A world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards’.

So you have a profound contradiction at play, between the intent of Amnesty, and the reality of the internal culture.

The purpose of The Beacon Light is to provide guidance, to make sure that you are on the right path, making decisions that match who you say you are. And the highest attainment of the Beacon is uncorruptibility, whereby your values and what you stand for can’t be compromised. But it doesn’t happen automatically. It has to be worked for. It’s testing if you ares serious about living up to who you say you are.

Amnesty are champions of human rights. Yet the abuses which they fight, appear to have become inveigled inside their own systems.

Maybe the leadership have become so outward focused that they failed to recognise that human rights begin at home, beginning with their own staff, how they are treated and made to feel.

When the Beacon light is active, its continued surveillance picks up those things which don’t feel right. It raises them as concerns before they gain a foothold as established behaviours.

But someone in the organisation has to uphold the Beacon light role and be the champion of living up to who we say we are. Upholding the motto of  ‘Who we are on the outside, begins on the inside’.

When you are passionately fighting the wrongs of this world, you have to make sure that you don’t become the very thing you are standing against. Amnesty appear to have lost sight of this.