Shining – The Festival Of Winter Light

Today in the town of Shining, is the Festival Of Winter Light. This is the annual festival attended by people from all over the world, and is an antidote to depression, loneliness and separation.


In Shining, some of the core values are respect to all things and gladness of the heart. When people visit Shining they are re-connected back to the best of themselves.

Fortified against those things which cause them to withdraw from people, out of fear of getting hurt.

You can feel it in the atmosphere when you arrive in Shining. It’s like fresh mountain air. Unpolluted. When you breathe it in, it immediately causes a feeling of uplift.

A sense that only good things can happen here.

The festival is a really magical day. In the turquoise yurt, the storytellers are telling stories that warm the heart and cause a glow. Stories that evoke the best of humanity. Where people give without counting the cost.

These stories are like gemstones that demonstrate what it can be like when generosity holds sway, and the healing this brings.

The Pale Pink Tent

The pale pink tent is dedicated to Blessings. This is a special place. Here you can ask for any person you choose to be included in the Blessings.

So you tell everyone in the tent the name of the person you want to send Blessings to. Maybe say a little bit about them. And everyone in the tent will then send that person supportive warming enhancing energy.

The White Tent

In the white tent a visiting lumenologist is hosting a research panel on the connections between the Shining Light, Chromosome 12, and the Homeobox.

The Homeobox is a cluster of genes that guides an embryo from an undefined mass into a head, arms, feet, body and so on. It holds the code for the growth and order of the human form.

The research is opening up the theme on whether the Shining Light holds the light for the all the other 23 lights.

The Gold Tent

In the gold tent there is a process called The Casket of Values. In this process people recall moments from their lives that hold a deep value for them. Moments that will live forever in their memories. These moments are written down and placed in the Casket of Values.

Then people come out and take a valued moment out of the casket and read it into the atmosphere, building a rich feeling of value and values. Like coded lights that will never go out.

The Pale Yellow Tent

In the pale yellow tent are Small Sparkling Ceremonies. Here people come into the tent and their uniqueness is celebrated with spontaneous music, dance and poetry by the Ceremonies team.

It’s a joyous experience for all concerned. For each ceremony is unique and in the moment, designed to reflect back to the person their strengths and qualities. And the love that they are the only them that has ever lived!

The Pale Green Dome

In the pale green dome are the Re-Imagineers. These are the dreamers who love to re-imagine the future. They are devotees of imagery and creating pictures of what the future could look like.

They sit quietly, allowing their imaginations to work freely, but always connected to the heart and soul of themselves. The feeling in the dome when you walk in is very liberating, as if you have walked into a world very different to one you live in now.

To Shine

So that’s a little glimpse into the festival. If you can be there then great. If not, remember that wherever you are today, you can touch another life with the warmth that comes from the feeling of humanity you carry in yourself.

For to Shine is to uphold the richness of human life, and give to others without counting the cost.

Climbing Beacon Hill

During any period of uncertainty or unsettlement there is great benefit to be had in taking a walk out of the town and city, and heading for the hills.

In this instance to the 23 Hills. For the 23 Hills represent each of the 23 Lights.

Beacon Hill

The highest point of the 23 Hills is Beacon Hill. From the summit of Beacon Hill, you can see all the other 22 hills.

This perspective is important, to prevent shadow lights such as gloom and fog holding sway.


From the top of Beacon Hill, there is an excellent view of Glow. Glow provides light to all the other lights.

And the keepers and maintainers of Glow are on permanent watch to ensure the Glowing light remains lit. Keeping the Glow Glowing is their mantra.

The Valleys of Soft Light

Also from Beacon Hill, there is a clear view into the Valleys of Soft Light. Here the light gently caresses the flora and fauna life.

Things feel undisturbed and calm. As it has been here over the centuries.

An oasis and place of tranquility. It’s a place of respite from the throbbing milieu.

Sparkling Hill

Moving over to our right is Sparkling Hill. The streams running down the hill are fresh and silvery, and are very cleansing and purifying.

The people who live on this hill are dancing as they do every morning, as dance is their way of maintaining a state of happiness and joy.

Glisten’s Pools

Nearby to the Sparkling Hill is Glisten. Glisten is famous for its restful pools. People have come to bathe here for many years.

The pools offer deep healing, and take away stresses and anxieties. They bring you into a feeling of being closer to yourself. More harmony, less dispersion.

It causes you to feel that whatever is happening in the world, the most important thing is how you are with yourself.

The Hill Of Brightness

And finally, on this short morning trip up Beacon Hill, we can see over to the Hill of Brightness. The light is so clear here. It’s good to gaze at this light, as it clears the head and mental faculties.

This Bright Light brings with it a feeling that all will be well, and carries optimism and a sense that the future is in one’s own hands, not others’.

Spending time with the Bright Light allows it to soak into the cells and create uplift, lucidity and a spring in your step.

Rise Above The Fog

So the day is moving on, and it’s time to come down from Beacon Hill. Know that you can take this walk anytime to escape, rise above the fog, and see the Lights as they are meant to be.

Ultra Violet and The Leap of Faith

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

There is a memorable scene in Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’. Indiana is following the grail map and it’s leading him over a yawning crevice.

After some natural hesitation, Indy takes a leap of faith and places his foot out over the void. And it’s then a bridge appears or reveals itself, for him to take the walk over the crevice.

The Light of Transformation

Ultra Violet is the light of change or transformation. It can feel very radical, whereby we simply decide, there and then, to no longer put up with things that we have been putting up with.

It can lead us to walk out of jobs or relationships and say, ‘enough is enough!’.

It challenges our tolerances, and causes us to ask, ‘Why are you doing this? Is it in accord with what you really want?’

The Ultra Violet shakes us out of our comfort zone, and invites us to face the truth about things.

Timings are important with the Ultra Violet, as it creates windows of opportunity in which to take action.

With this light comes the courage to take bold steps and to trust that all be well. It’s powerful and, brings the feeling that things can and will be different if we so choose.


You and The Future You!

Mystery is the light of the future. The unknown. The not yet appeared. The who we are not yet.

There are lots of fears and unfortunate psychologies that are programmed into us about the unknown.

Psychologies that bind us into what we know, to give us security about ourselves, and lead to fixed views and an over-bearing certainty about who we think we are.

But what if these psychologies limit our ability to be with the unknown? Limit our ability to grow into our full possibility?

For what if the who we are not yet is not like the who we have been? And that the unknown is the fertile ground in which our potential is realised?


The Prompter – The Shimmering Light

There’s a great scene in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s beautiful film ‘Amelie’. The film’s narrator makes an observation that captures the spirit of the Shimmering light.

He’s referring to the challenges shy people have in verbal exchanges with confident people.

He says. ‘With a prompter in each cellar window whispering comebacks… shy people would have the last laugh.’

This is what the Shimmering Light is like. It’s a prompter. There to support you. Its character is not loud or obtrusive. But is gentle and respectful.

It’s like when you see a feather on your path. It’s the sign of something telling you that everything is ok.

The Shimmering Light knows you better than you know yourself. And it has no other agenda, other than ‘how can I help you succeed?’

It’s a bit like a guardian angel in its nature, there to serve you and you alone.

It’s a whisperer of truths and directions, trying to get your attention in the lightest way possible.

It may suggest you go for a walk in the woods or by the river. For it’s in the quiet places that you can appreciate the Shimmering Light better.

You may not be able to see the Shimmering Light. But if you stop, pause and feel, you may be able to sense its nearby presence.

It brings a quiet joy and a feeling that you are not alone. For what kind of universe would abandon you?

Take a moment and give space for the Shimmering Light. It will be a loyal friend and companion all the days of your life.

Today Is The Awakening!

Imagine this day, today, was THE day. The day you have always been waiting for. The day where you said, ‘One day I’m going to…’

The day when all your senses are completely alive. When you are not dwelling on the past. Or preoccupied with the challenges of the future.

But the day when you see as if seeing for the first time. When you hear as if hearing for the first time. When you smell as if smelling for the first time. When you touch as if feeling for the first time. When you taste as if tasting for the first time.

Then on top of each sense, you experience the symphony of seeing and hearing together, or seeing, hearing and smelling all at the same time. No interference upon the senses.

Well, here we are. This is it. This is the day. The day of the Awakening.

Breathe in the intoxicating autumn air. And embrace the uniqueness of this day. This hour.

This moment. It has never happened before. And will never happen again!

The Silk Bags and The Shine

Imagine all the good things you have done in your life… the times you have helped others in difficulty; the warmth and support you have given; the time you have freely offered; the things you have done to help others succeed. All the generosity that has poured forth from your heart.

The Silk Bags

Now I want you to imagine that all these moments, all these times, are being returned back to you. Returned back to you in small silk bags.

Each of these silk bags contains a glowing light that represents each one of these moments of unconditional giving.

And so I want you to make a nice pile of the silk bags as they are returned to you.

The Glowing Light

When the pile is finally complete, and it may take some time, I want you to carefully open each bag, and take out the glowing light.

Firstly you will hold the glow in the palm of your hand. Then the glow will naturally move up your arm, and find its own way to a new home inside your cells.

When you have finally opened each of the silk bags, and taken out each glowing light, and each glowing light has found a home inside your cells…then you will SHINE!

The Glow Maintenance

Imagine that you live in a house that has a room dedicated to each aspect of your life.

So for example, your Work / Vocation life:

  • Relationships
  • Financial
  • Creative
  • New Learning
  • Personal Growth
  • Adventures
  • Health and Well Being.

These are just a few. We have many.

How Much Glow?

And as you walk around each room of the house, you are assessing as to how much Glow there is in each room.

Some rooms may have lots of Glow. The rooms that glow feel welcoming, warming, inviting.

In others the Glow may be very low, and needs some attention. Rooms without Glow feel cold, a bit empty, starved of attention.

If the room feels low on Glow, can you imagine it starting to fill with Glowing light? Perhaps the room can be lit with night lights to bring it some Glow. Maybe the windows need opening first, to let some fresh air in, and the old air out.

So the task here is to:

1: Write down all the rooms in your ‘personal life’ house.

2: Mentally walk around each room and mark out of 10 how much Glow there is in each room.

3: If a room is low on Glow, decide what is needed to bring some Glow back, e.g. open windows; night lights; a crackling fire; fresh colours, flowers, friends, artwork in the room. Or mentally write the word Glow across the walls.

4: If the room already has a nice Glow, see if you can make the Glow even brighter. Magnify the light until it feels like it has come alive!

5: Take a walk around the front and back of the house, to see if the Glow is feelable from the outside.

The purpose of this Glow Maintenance exercise, is to always be keeping the Glow alive.

In the demands of daily life, it can be possible to neglect some of our rooms, and fail to notice the light becoming fainter. Keeping the Glow alive enhances our well-being and sense of self, and is the trigger for many of the other lights.

The Ways Of The Soft Light

The 23 lightsThe Soft light is very melting. It takes away hardness and demand upon oneself, and the psychologies of perfectionism, and the constant striving to achieve and have more!

In the presence of the Soft Light, others feel at ease and comfortable around you, as the softness acts as a well-being and healing balm.

Being kind to ourselves, and taking care of our own needs is fundamental to switching the Soft Light on. It has the qualities of compassion and gentleness.

It has the feeling of a womb-like state, as we get closer in to the natural qualities that make us human.


Emanation – The World Will Be Different…

The notion that goes with Emanatory is, ‘The world will be different when those who can make a difference, make a difference.’

To Emanate is to have a presence and radiation that influences other people or situations you find yourself in.

It’s where the things you stand for and believe in have crystallised in such a way, they give off a light that helps others find direction or purpose, or maybe offer healing, wellbeing and settlement.

You may think, ‘Well, surely this is the preserve of the real leaders and important people in the world?’, but that’s an outdated psychology.

For if you are able to touch people’s lives with your kindness, warmth, care, thoughtfulness, insights, perceptions and so on, then this is leadership.

For you are helping others create more light in themselves.