The First Light

No gathering of beach crowds at 4am, to witness the first light.

Yet amongst the lights, the first light is perhaps the most revered.

Coming out of the darkness,

without it there is no dawn arising

or sunset glory.

What Is It About Light?

A large crowd has gathered on Maspalomas beach, Gran Canaria.

They are taking their positions well before the sun goes down,

in anticipation of witnessing the planet’s sunset theatre.

But what is it exactly about light, that we find so compelling?

Vermeer and the Timeless Light

The Mauritshuis Gallery, Den Haag.

There are no crowds here.

You can stand alone in a room, with just Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring for company.

The light emanating from the painting is Luminescent.

It’s like being bathed in an exquisite softness.

Yet the painting is over 350 years old.

Does that mean that light doesn’t age with time?

The Hidden Light!

What if within us, is an extraordinary amount of hidden light,

Light which is not yet switched on?

Which we call our potential.

Or Who We Are Not Yet.

Our task – to discover and switch on that hidden light!

Rembrandt – The Master Of Light

Recently I went to Holland

to see the work of the Master Of Light, Rembrandt.

The crowds at The Rijksmuseum

are gathered in number around

his masterpiece The Night Watch.

Even from a distance,

the light emitted from the painting is so radiant,

so pure.

It’s akin to being up before dawn

to be in the presence of first light.

It causes awe,

as if seeing light for the first time.

The Running Race & The Glisten

I remember being about 5 years old, and entering my first school sports running race. It was a June afternoon and there were lots of parents watching.

After the call of ‘Ready Steady Go!’, I remember running as fast as possible. Every cell, nerve ending, muscle, sinew and so on was fully committed to running. I was even winning. Then from over my left shoulder, Clive Ingle appeared.

He seemed jet-propelled as he flew past. I tried to catch him, but simply couldn’t run any faster. He arrived at the line ahead of me.

Shortly after, Clive received a silver cup adorned in a royal blue ribbons. I received nothing. This made no sense. Yes Clive had run like lightning. But I had run as fast as I possibly could. Surely this should be rewarded too?

The Shadow Psychologies

In moments like this, it’s easy to see how certain shadow psychologies can grow. Psychologies such as, ‘I’m not good enough’; ‘I’m not as good as him’; ‘What’s the point?’

And these psychologies can create a dis-harmony between ourselves and the inner worlds that are working at their fullest to help us succeed. And thus prevent the Glisten.

For these inner worlds are not coded by the divine with shadow, ‘not good enough’ psychologies. Only we can do that, if we so choose.

To Glisten

For to Glisten is to offer the inner worlds encouragement, support, love, warmth, trust, thankfulness.

Which they feel, as they are living intelligences. And when they feel our encouragement, they glisten like morning dew in response.

In the same way the cat purrs, when stroked with love and affection.

Our Companions

And these inner worlds being spoken of are companions to our lives…the heart; soul; spirit; brains; instinct; nerves; cells; organs and so on. All designed to support us in our life’s journey.

So to Glisten is to be in quiet harmony with these lives within. And for them to be in quiet harmony with us.

And Glisten is the balm and antidote to the thought that we are somehow not good enough. For we are, and always have been!

Glow, Love and The Code!

It is said that you glow when you love what you are doing? But why is this?

The Code

Is it the love that causes the Glow? Well, yes, that’s very likely. But what if the love is a result of your code getting switched on?

Your code being the unique combinations of ingredients, that make you the only you that has ever been in the history of life in the universe.

To discover your code is one of the great joys of living. Because your code is a mystery from day one.

Then you start engaging with life, and discovering things that fascinate you and take your interest.

A Love Of Dance

Maybe you discover a love of dance from an early age. Well what if the code for dance, rhythm and movement got switched on in you? Maybe triggered by seeing some amazing dancing at a show or on TV.

The code seeded into you by the divine influence, so that you could bring light into this part of the universe.

But also, being given the gift of discovering all this for yourself.

So that when you dance, that code for dancing gets switched on in you. And when the coded light gets switched on, you glow, because when the divine seeded the code in you, it did so with Glow. Or with unconditional love!

The Trace Of Life

So when you look back at the trace of your life, you can find many moments when you glowed. Doing things you loved to do. These moments of Glow are clues that reveal the code of you.

Discover the code. Discover you! And make the Glow glow!

Shining – The Growth Vitamin

Shining is the growth vitamin of the 23 lights. It’s the lights’ equivalent of the Sun. Shining is designated as light 12.

The Homeobox

On chromosome 12, we find the Homeobox.

The Homeobox is a cluster of genes that guides an embryo from an undefined mass into a head, arms, feet, body and so on.

It holds the code for the growth of the human form.

And so it is with the Shining light. It holds the code for who we can become.

The Shining

Shining is unconditional in its nature. It holds no sway with criticism, moaning, blaming, distrust and so on.

It sees the good things in ourselves and others, and can look beyond flaws, because its focus is on supporting the development of natural human qualities.

So don’t be persuaded by negativity. It taints the Shining light. No one is perfect, or is meant to be.

Try to radiate a little bit of your Shining light to yourself and others. The world will be a better place for it!

Dazzling Light, Chromosome 14 & Ageing

A question – could the creation of a certain quality of light within ourselves impact upon the ageing process?

Chromosome 14

On chromosome 14 is a gene that makes part of the enzyme telomerase, which is involved in controlling the process of aging in our cells.

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, just like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces.

Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job, just as do cells with shortened telomeres.

The DNA strands become damaged, and our cells can’t do their job.

So what if the absence of light would impact on the telomeres’ ability to to their job – leading to premature ageing?

Or an increase in light leading to very healthy telomeres and thus the absence of any damaged strands?


The light that belongs with Chromosome 14 is Dazzling. By that premise, could the creation of Dazzling light lead to a longer life?