The Five Fountains Meditation

This video aims to capture some of the character of Reflective Light.

In trying to transfer a sense of each of the 23 Lights, imagery plays an important part.

So, I hope you find the journey to the Island of Reflection soothing, calming and restful…



Each Moment Unique

spiritual coachingOf all the very moments that we have lived. Each one UNIQUE. Never to be repeated.

Yet brought alive through our capacity to capture it.

Not as in enslavement. But to hold dear, hold close by, hold respect for. Even reverence.

So the moment has a new life in the eyes and senses of the living observer, to maybe last hundreds of years.

The moment cannot do this by itself.

But we are gifted with the ability to have this relationship with moments.

Which, themselves, are dewdrops of life.

Of course, many moments slip by. Through the bulging net of pre-occupation.

But to be in the presence of a moment is a taste of freedom.

Freedom for the senses. For the soul. A freedom away from much to think about.

Back into and along the line of life and living.

Each moment new.

Appearing for the very first time.

Sequences of events brought together into a single moment of time.

For us to build value in ourselves around the things we class as important.

Perhaps because they match our inner code that makes us unique.

Moments. Codes. And Values.

As the Virgin Queen Elizabeth 1 said on her deathbed, ‘I will give all of my precious jewels, for one more moment of life’.

A moment in history that has lived on.

And with it the eternal wisdom that reminds us of what we can easily take for granted.

So by your senses, let the moment find a new home in you!

Permission To Be Brilliant!

spiritual coaching

Why would we need permission to be Brilliant? Who from? The Registered Office of Brilliance?

No. From oneself. Because there can feel like a curtailment upon one’s own Brilliance.

“What will others say if we are Brilliant?” “I don’t want to appear a show-off.” “How could I possibly be Brilliant?”

All sorts of psychologies can hold sway that can limit our possibility.

But why not be Brilliant? Why not develop and grow around the things you love to do, so that you reach a level of expertise that allows your lights to cause others to say,  “Wow!”.

For when they say “WOW!”,  a little bit of that Brilliance transfers to them. Meaning there can be more Brilliance in the world. More Brilliance = more light, and therefore more possibility for each and every one of us.

So that Brilliance creates Brilliance creates Brilliance! Make it so!


There is a fascinating documentary showing on Netflix, called ‘Misunderstood’. It tells the story of talented French footballer Nicolas Anelka, who was famously sent home from the 2010 World Cup, for disrespecting the beleaguered coach Raymond Domenech.

Spending time with Anelka is like getting a glimpse into the world of the Iridescent Light. The Light of Uniqueness. Nicolas is a very gifted player, with a strong sense of self. Not arrogant, but self-assured. And when he perceives that he is not understood, as in the fall out with Raymond Domenech, then he REACTS.

As in, “If you don’t understand me, then I don’t rate you as a motivator and leader. In which case, why should I play for and do my best for you?”

It’s very common in life for the gifted Iridescent individual to feel misunderstood. Why? Because they are different. They walk the path less travelled. This misunderstood feeling can also make them anxious, as they are not sure where they stand both with others, and with their place in the world.

When Anelka hits out at Domenech, he seems so disdainful of the manager’s inability to understand his talent, that he refuses to absorb into himself this weakness. This belittling energy. As if it may contaminate his uniqueness and sense of self. However, whilst an understandable reaction, it ultimately becomes an act of self-sabotage.

For Nicolas has denied himself the opportunity to serve the French team and the French nation on the world stage, for one more game. Now he will consider this a necessary sacrifice in honour of the sanctuary of his uniqueness. But there are other options to consider.

One of the developments in the Iridescent Light is to be less affected by how others think about you. For when you have been misunderstood throughout your life, you can be easily triggered into reactivity. However, if you don’t seek to be understood by others, then it can negate that self-sabotage trigger.

If you understand yourself, then you exude a sense of calmness, even when others don’t get you. That calmness is born out of knowing your place in the world. Knowing what that uniqueness is for. Knowing how and why you can make a difference.

For our gifts and talents are not just for us. They are to help bring more LIGHT into the world. And we do that by switching on our own lights. Switching on our code of uniqueness.

So the key for the Iridescent person is to be okay with not being understood by others. By understanding yourself and what makes you YOU, the light of understanding radiates throughout you. Which brings healing, and is also attractive to others, who sense the aura of calmness around you, which in turn brings calmness to them, and their own understanding of self!

A Walk Up Beacon Hill

During this period of uncertainty, there is great benefit to be had in taking a walk out of the town and city, and heading up to Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill is the place above the fog. Being above the fog allows you to see things as they are, and not be subject to the overbearing range of fog psychologies and fears.

From the top of Beacon Hill, you can see a whole range of light and lights, that are fundamental to staying ‘switched on’.

The first light that is visible is Glow. Glow provides light to all the other lights.

The keepers and maintainers of Glow are on permanent watch to ensure the Glowing light remains lit. Keeping the Glow Glowing is their mantra. For Glow brings warmth, kindness and generosity.

When Glow is present, there is a greater feeling of well-being. Spending a few minutes gazing at the Glow is settling and reassuring, as it connects us into our own Glow.

As we move our gaze to the left, there is a clear view into the valleys of Soft Light. Here the light gently caresses the flora and fauna life. Things feel undisturbed and calm, as they have been here over the centuries. It is an oasis and place of tranquility.

It’s a place of respite from the throbbing milieu. The Soft Light is a healing balm and gives easement. Stresses start to melt away, as do anxieties and worries.

It carries the feeling that all will be well, and reminds us that calmness is a great antidote to overbearing worry.

Moving over to our right is Sparkling Hill. The streams running down the hill are fresh and silvery, and are very cleansing and purifying.

The people who live on the Sparking Hill are dancing as they do every morning, as dance is their way of maintaining a state of happiness and joy.

The motto of the Sparkling people is, “How alive is it possible to feel whilst being alive!”.

It’s inspiring and uplifting to watch them dance. For to dance is to give all of our systems a chance to express themselves and be free of constraint.

Nearby to the Sparkling Hill are the Glistening pools. People have come to bathe here for many years.

The pools offer deep healing, and bring you into a feeling of being closer to yourself. More harmony, less dispersion.

It causes you to feel that whatever is happening in the world, the most important thing is how you are with yourself.

It allows you to start to listen to yourself, which is very important in a time of change. So that you stay closer to what is happening on the inside, not the outside.

And finally, on this short morning trip up Beacon Hill, we can see over to the Vale of Brightness. The light is so clear here. It’s good to gaze at this light, as it clears the head and the mental faculties.

This Bright Light carries optimism and a sense that the future is in one’s own hands, not in others’.

Spending time with the Bright Light allows it to soak into the cells and create uplift, lucidity and a spring in your step. It allows you to make your own mind up about things, and work things out for yourself.

So the day is moving on, and it’s time to come down from Beacon Hill.

Know that you can take this walk anytime to escape and rise above the fog, and tune into the living lights, which are fundamental for our growth and development.

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Who Are You Not Yet?

Spiritual CoachingWhat does it mean to have potential?

Another way of thinking about this, is to ask how much unlit light there is in you?

Light which has not yet been switched on or made active.

What light, you might ask?

The LIGHT that is woven into our DNA at conception and birth.

The light of our growth and development.

The light of our progression and POSSIBILITY.

Can you know how much unlit light there is within you? No.

But you can certainly know if you are ON TRACK to switch on that unlit light.

And why is this important?

Because if we don’t switch on our unlit light, it can lead to living an unfulfilled life.

A life that feels like it is no longer growing and moving forward. A life that feels stale.

Keep The Glow Alive!

Postcards From The Lights: Glow (The Light of Compassion) The light of Glow has played a fundamental part in the human story. Maybe it’s what binds us together as humans?



I Have Seen The Light!

Throughout time, people have said

“I have seen the light!”

But what does this mean?

Has an internal light got switched on?

Or has an external light revealed itself?

And why does seeing the light seem to lead to clarity,

Insight and sometimes, Illumination?

Sparkle – The Energiser!

The Sparkling Light is the antidote to gloom and dullness.

Often expressed in the playfulness of rhythm and rhyme, language and story.

This is called Mr Fixed Gets A Surprise, and draws on the way of The Silver Hat as an expression of Sparkle.