No One Can Stop You Being Brilliant!

Spiritual CoachingOf course no one can stop you being Brilliant.

Another obvious thing to say. So why say it then?

It’s an encouragement.

Maybe more Brilliance in the world would be a good thing.

It’s such a powerful light. Not a ‘change everything forever’ kind of light.

But when you have been in the presence of Brilliance, you remember it.

They call it a ‘flash of Brilliance’, that happens in a moment, from out of nowhere.

As if two previously unconnected parts of your mind have suddenly connected, and there is a sudden surge or flash of light!

Like the flash of light seen at conception!

Thus, a new idea, a new thought is born.

Wow! “That’s Brilliant”, the witness remarks, as the previously unexperienced thought transfers its original light into their mental network.

Brilliance is catalytic.

It can transform how we think. The ideas we have. The way we see the world.

And Brilliance is available to all.

Of course shadow psychologies can hold sway.

Me – Brilliant. Who are you kidding?”

Thoughts that Brilliance is the preserve of the intellectual or university trained can block or prevent that union of the unconnected.

So, remove the attachment, the I, and allow the unconnected mind to find union within itself.

The possibilities coded within us are enormous. Endless.

We are designed to be a House of Brilliance, with our mind as the theatre of unlit pathways. Thus to light our own darkness.

It doesn’t require an academic mind.

Just an endless curiosity. Fascination.

And the continued search for the next part of the puzzle!

If Not You Then Who?

Spiritual CoachingIf not YOU, then who? What does that mean?

It means that within us all are qualities, beliefs, LIGHTS, that are for us to bring to life.

Yes, others can inspire us, motivate us, bring the best out in us.

But only you can know what it is like to be YOU.

YOU, the only YOU there has ever been in the history of the universe.

Coded with an original combination of light and lights.

For you to discover and make brighter.

For to SHINE is to no longer look to others for the way forward.

We become the guardians of our own light.

Keepers of the flame of self-discovery.

Self-creators, always looking for the next pathway in the WHO WE ARE NOT YET.

So let your light SHINE.

Uphold your beliefs.

Be clear about what you stand for.

And stand tall upon the rock of possibility!

What Makes This Day Different?

Spiritual Coaching Yes, every day is unique. A never happened before magical happening, making itself manifest daily.

Yet it doesn’t always feel that way.

Some days, the overbearing gloom of late autumn combined with lockdown can make it hard to appreciate the possibilities coded within a new day.

Sometimes it’s enough to manage our self-care, and make sure we are okay in the midst of many challenges.

And yet… the Dawn Light has an irrepressible nature.

A shaft of light that beckons us to see things in a new way.

Even in the midst of withdrawal and containment.

It’s like a beckoning hand inviting us to see our life, or our daily routines from a different perspective.

Or a prompt that suggests we take a walk, and then unexpectedly, we glimpse buildings that perhaps we have previously ignored, from a different angle.

An angle that shows those buildings in a new light.

The new light being The Dawn Light, the light of AWAKENING.

This subtle shift of perspectives, however small, allows new flashes of light to enter into our stream of consciousness.

Light which refreshes the inter-connected cellular network, and thus allows us to move out of gloom, even if only for a moment.

But it’s a precious moment, as that shaft of light is remembered, because of its causative effect.

Thus prompting us to seek more of these moments in the future, such is the micro-uplift they cause!

So remember… one moment can be enough.

One moment when you are able to step aside from the habit and the routine, and see and experience daily life through fresh eyes.

And bring to our inner world the natural elixir that prevents overbearing gloom holding sway!

What Do You Want Them To Say About You?

Spiritual CoachingWe can’t control what others say about us.

But we have control over the contribution we make to the world.

The sharing of our gifts and talents, for the benefit of all concerned.

When you stand for something, it means you are COMMITTED to seeing more of those qualities in the world.

So, what do you STAND for?

For if not YOU, then who?

And this is how you become known for something. Because of your DEDICATION to the things you stand for.

Which means that people will say, ‘They were a person who stood for something!’

This is maybe the finest accolade that can be paid.

In the world today, leaders often fail to take their people with them, because it is difficult to see what it is they stand for.

This is why leadership begins with you. With me. With us.

If you are not clear about what you stand for, ask your friends.

Ask them what the qualities are that they see in you.

They can probably see very clearly what it is you stand for.

And when you STAND for something, you RADIATE that quality out into the world.

Making the world a brighter place.

And who wouldn’t want that?!

A Time To Be With You

Spiritual CoachingReflection is one of the most understated of the lights. A quiet light. An inward light.

Whereby being with YOU brings you closer in to yourself, and where you are right now.

These moments and times of reflection are valuable, because they allow us to assess which direction our life is going in, and make changes if we are drifting off track.

Reflection is like a conversation with ourselves, where we have permission to ask any question we like, and have the time and space to discover the answers.

Reflective time doesn’t always have to be long. It can be moments in the day when we reflect on the morning we have had. Like gathering all the best parts for safe keeping and discarding the rest.

So savour the permission we have to reflect, and the time to be with YOU!

Does The Divine Know It Is Divine?

Spiritual CoachingA curious question – does the Divine know it is Divine?

Does that which we call the Divine have a view about itself? Or is it that we, the human, have the permission to give notation to that which we call Divine, so that it can receive an external perception about itself?

And does that itself build our connection between ourselves and the Divine, so that a little bit of the Divine becomes active in us? Meaning there is more opportunity for Divine light here in this part of the universe?

The World Needs Your Brilliance!

Spiritual CoachingWhy does the world need your Brilliance? Because Brilliance is liberating, uplifting, informing, enhancing. It causes people to go, ‘Wow!’

And you might think that brilliance is the preserve of others. Who are you to be Brilliant? Well who are you NOT to be brilliant?!

Brilliant occurs when you devote and dedicate yourself to the thing you love to do, in such a way, that you start to really OWN the territory. Not in a possessive way. But in a fascinated, curious, ‘cant stop learning’ kind of way.

Like when you and the thing you love to do become joined, in such a way that you start having thoughts and ideas you may have never considered before. And when you share them, people go, ‘Ah thats brilliant!’. Why?

Because that idea or thought has just come out of left field, and it adds to their understanding of something in a surprising and interesting way. Thats what Brilliance can do. And that’s one of the many reasons as to why the world needs YOUR Brilliance!

Time To Think Thoughts That Have Never Been Thought Before!

Spiritual CoachingThere comes a point in time when our physical body draws its last breath. But what if the light we create and that lives in our radiation is not subject to the same rules of physicality, and doesn’t wither with us, but lives on?

So that the life we live, our values, beliefs, alignments, philosophies, sentiments, stories can live on, beyond our time, through the light we create.

And so our time here, whilst appearing fleeting and short lived, may carry a greater longevity, through the eternal nature of the things we stand for. Which, coded into our DNA, become our contribution to the evolving human story.

So – blessed be the creators of light, who may never fully realise the impact they have on the generations yet to come!

What Was Before Is Not The Same As What Will Be!

Spiritual CoachingWhat was before is not the same as what will be! It sounds obvious doesn’t it? Almost cliched.

But we feel right now that we, both individually and collectively, are walking the bridge of change. Change that heralds new times and new ways. Change that is a natural part of the human growth and development.

Which may well mean leaving things behind. Habits, behaviours, mindsets, emotions, that we don’t want to take with us into our newly appearing future.

So, think that it’s good to cast aside things which may have served us in the past, but right now, no longer feel important or relevant.

So hold fast. Hold steady. And trust that inner guidance system which may be prompting you right now, as you walk the bridge of change.

The beauty of being human is that we are designed and created to be able to handle change. So make change your friend. Without it, there would be no future!

Keep The Glow Alive!

Spiritual CoachingGlow is one of our fundamental lights.

When Glow is active, it’s a sign and a signal to all the other inner lights that all is well in the House of Lights.

When Glow is switched off, or dimmed, it can create stress on other lights such as Glisten, that then have to work extra hard to ensure our inter-connected network remains lit.

And eventually this can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

Keeping and maintaining the Glow is therefore important.

Glow is associated with doing things that you love to do.

But in times when so many of our external recreational and social options are closed off to us, how do we keep the Glow alive?

Well, imagery is one way.

One of the main imagery props for Glow is that of the lighted candle.

The candle plays a remarkable role in keeping Glow alive.

For it is said that all the concentrated darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.

Which tells you a lot about the enduring nature of Glow and its part in the human story.

As do people. For people can remind us of the best of who we are.

For to think the best of a friend is an act of Glow. For Glow is the light that emits from the heart.

So…Imagine that a loyal friend has appeared before you and has brought you a gift of a lighted candle.

The candle brings warmth and a sense of inclusion.

Your friend stands nearby with the candle, unwavering in their supportive attitude towards you.

As you breathe in and appreciate that you are not alone, a second loyal friend appears, also with a lighted candle.

They have the same supportive unwavering attitude as the first friend.

They stand nearby the first friend. Now there are two lit lights, which enhances the sense of warmth and increasing inclusion.

Shortly a third friend arrives, again with the same supportive attitude. And with a lighted candle.

The three friends form a small arc of lighted support.

Shortly afterwards they are joined by a person you don’t recognise. But they know you.

Many years ago you afforded them an act of kindness, which they haven’t forgotten about. And now, upon hearing the calling, they are here, unconditionally, with a lighted candle.

And they have brought with them an appreciative friend, who is grateful that one day someone was there for their friend. And they too have brought a lighted candle.

So now there are five good people, with candles, offering fulsome support.

Another person appears, again who you only have a fleeting remembrance of.

But they too were blessed by one of your many acts kindnesses, and are moved to repeat the kindness.

The gathering of people with lighted candles is growing. Two people have arrived because they were naturally drawn by the warming light, and wanted to add to it with light of their own.

The next visitors come in a group of three and come from a time before you were born.

But nevertheless they know of you. For time places no limit upon connection.

And they know of you by frequency. For they sense a mutuality of values. You stand for the same things and they are summoned to support your life and endeavour.

And now there is a surprise visitor. It is yourself bringing a candle for you. You might wonder why you are bringing a candle for you. Well, wouldn’t you want to give support to you? Bring the light of Glow so that Glow may live in you.

So then there was twelve.

The group of people, many of whom you have never met before, stand quietly.

There is no need to speak. The atmosphere is one of unconditional support.

Glow does not speak loudly to announce itself. By its very name and nature Glow carries the weight of its character very lightly.

And brings us into a natural state of settlement and gentle well being.

So be with the abiding Glow. There is no hurry to leave or move on.

The presence of Glow will be reassuring to the other lights. And an air of settlement can fall upon the House of Lights.

Glow is always there, always nearby. But it can get dimmed in the exigencies of life.

May you, in all your days, keep the GLOW alive!