Healing, Lights and the Coronavirus

Scientists at Edinburgh University recently discovered that genes on 4 specific chromosomes seem to play a big role in those who experience the severest effects of the coronavirus.

These are chromosomes 4, 12, 19, and 21.

And the 23 lights associated with these chromosomes are:

4:   Glow (The Light of Warmth)

12:  Shining (The Light of Happiness)

19: Illumination (The Light of Wisdom)

21: Diamond (The Light of Values)

Glow is related to doing the things that you love to do. As well as compassion to self and others.

The Shining light is when you rise above bitterness, judgement, blame etc., and constantly see the good in all things, because of your faith and adherence to the ways of the divine.

The Illumination relates to new intelligence, perception and insights. Fresh ways of thinking. And wisdoms accrued from life and living.

The Diamond is the casket of living values. The things you stand for and have forged through endeavour, that cannot be corroded.

Maybe it would be possible in the future that you could go into a Lights Apothecary and order remedies for ailments, e.g.

  • 4.1 parts Glow
  • 2.3 parts Shining
  • 0.5 part Illumination
  • 1.4 parts Diamond

Light and Biophotons

‘Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in’.

Anthem, Leonard Cohen

spiritual mentorWhat is light composed of?

The smallest known unit of light, and of electromagnetic radiation, is the photon.

It is part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which includes all light, microwaves, radio waves and x rays.

A photon is emitted when an electron moves from one energy state to another.

When a photon is emitted by a biological source, it is referred to as a biophoton.

Photons and biophotons are always in motion, and they have no electrical charge, and no mass.

In addition to existing in particle form, light also behaves as a wave.

The wave allows it to carry momentum, and therefore energy, without having mass.

This was neatly explained by Richard Buckminster Fuller:
The wave is not the water. The water merely told us about the wave moving by.”

A Short History of Biophotons

Prior to the 1970s, biophoton were thought to be weak photon radiance caused by disturbances in metabolism, and not biologically significant – explained by the Theory of Imperfection.

Unlike others working in the same field, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and his research team at the University of Marburg thought there was more to it than this.

Following on from ground breaking research he did in the early 1970s into the body’s photorepair processes, he deduced that the body must contain light, to allow photorepair to happen, and then, with his research assistant, Bernhard Ruth, set out to prove it.

He coined the term biophoton, and developed his Biophoton Theory (1975).

He demonstrated that DNA in living cells stored and released biophotons, also known as ultra-weak biophotonic emissions, which were consistently coherent across a range of frequencies.

Popp found that when DNA treated with a chemical unravelled, the intensity of light released from the DNA grew with the concentration of the unzipping chemical.

Conversely, the less he used, the less light was emitted.

He showed DNA sent out a large range of frequencies of biophotons, and specific frequencies were related to specific biological functions.

“There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon.

Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions… We are swimming in an ocean of light.”

He theorised that biophotons were able to transmit information within and between cells simultaneously, as electromagnetic resonance in an electromagnetic field.

He also showed a phenomenon called biophoton sucking: organisms hoover up biophotons from other members of their species, and also from other species, and from the medium they are growing in the “ocean of light.”

His ideas were not widely accepted for many years, and as can happen with developers of new ideas, he was mocked by many of his peers in Germany.

Over time, he set up an international institute (the International Institute of Biophysics), a community of 15 research groups around the world who agreed with him that the body’s communication system might be a complex network of resonance and frequency.

Fritz-Albert Popp died in 2018, and the Institute seems to have withered without its founder.

However, a similar theory to Popp’s, Prof Irena Cosic’s molecular resonance theory, known as the Resonant Recognition Model (2016), again not widely accepted, also proposes that ultra weak photon emissions, and particularly their specific frequencies, are critical for resonant activation of specific biological activities and functions of proteins and DNA/RNA.

Professor Popp’s research showed that DNA stores information, not just in the form of our genes, but also in the form of biophotons.

It’s possible there’s another purpose for this light, stored in our DNA, which is structured into 23 pairs of chromosomes. Maybe to enable subtle effectswithin the human system, hitherto unrecognised or considered.

These subtle effects, qualities of light, could explain why, for example, pairs of identical twins with the same DNA, raised together, have different personalities, characteristics and behaviours which make each of them unique.

Understanding personal development through this focus is the basis of the 23 Lights work.

Written by Morag Miller Thompson

The Power Of A Cause!

spiritual coachingEnglish football fans might have observed that Manchester City’s win over Manchester United last night was dedicated to former player Colin Bell, who had died 24 hours previously.

Manchester City had a cause. A collective focus to win on behalf of somebody else.

In doing so they created a twelfth player.

An invisible force that added extra energy, desire and enthusiasm to their game.

A cause is another name for a powerful REASON WHY.

The reason why you do what you do.

A powerful REASON WHY can never be under-estimated. So many of the great human adversity stories are born out the reason why, whether it be:

  • to right a wrong;
  • to break a stop situation;
  • to do it on behalf of others who are no longer with us;
  • to serve a greater or higher cause;
  • to change one’s personal situation.

There are so many reasons why to chose from…

Sure, some days don’t feel like reason why days. We show up. Do what needs to be done. And head home.

However too many of these days can lead to a ‘same shit, different day’ mindset, where repetition holds sway, and we lose the connection to the power that moves mountains or makes a difference.

And this is the beauty of a CAUSE.

It can create a shift in power that liberates us from ordinariness. Takes us to a new level of possibility.

Each person’s CAUSE is unique to them.

But find the sweet spot of a CAUSE and you can draw on previously untapped emotional power and energy. Why?

Because a CAUSE is an act of service, a doing something for more than self-serving reasons.

To add into the human story.

And that untapped power is akin to CAUSE power.

Coded into us all, so that we may move beyond singularity into collective thinking and feeling.

Thus a CAUSE only exists because of the human capacity to recognise that there is more than oneself!

So whatever moves you to do, to give, to share, know that each act on behalf of someone or something else makes a small mark on the constantly evolving human story.

And the beauty of a cause is that CAUSES never die.

They are fundamental to collective life in this part of the universe!

NOTE: This post is aligned towards  The Diamond Light. The Light of Values

Keep The Glow Alive!

spiritual coachingThe light of GLOW has played its part in the human story over many centuries.

The notion that ‘all the concentrated darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle’ pays homage to GLOW.

What is it about GLOW that means it cannot be extinguished?

Like the sacredness of the Olympic flame, eternal light symbol of the Games and the Greek ideal.

Lights that cannot and will not go out, not by themselves. But through human consciousness, acts of upholdance keep the flame alive.

To keep the GLOW alive… Why?

Because somehow we KNOW, know of this symbolic resonance intuitively.

As if the GLOW is coded and engraved in us at a deeper level, fundamental to the human experience, here in this part of the universe.

Like a contract between the human and the Gods that we will be keepers and maintainers of the GLOW.

Because without GLOW, what is there?

And what is the manifestation of GLOW in daily life?

It’s in

  • Compassion
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Self-care
  • Giving without counting the cost
  • Thinking of others
  • Generosities
  • Warmths and other heartful sentiments that show the best of being human.

The GLOW is a simple thing.

It’s perhaps what binds humans, and brings us together in a collective yes.

It has spanned the ages.

And will continue to span the future ages.

If by our hands we let it be so.

Within each and everyone of us is GLOW.

No one can put out that light. Except oneself.

Let the GLOW live!

NOTE: This post is aligned towards The GLOW. The Light of Warmth.

Create Your Own Map!

Spiritual CoachingCreate your own map. Of what? … Why do I need a map?

If we simply want to repeat history, then a map may not be necessary. We are walking paths already trod, established in the known of ourselves. And that’s fine.

But for the traveller who requires a bolder adventure and tasking, then discovering the UNKNOWN of oneself offers more treasure.

Thus a map of the UNDISCOVERED SELF is what is being mooted.

So how do you create a map of the UNDISCOVERED SELF, if it’s undiscovered? (We’ve been here before, I know!)

Well maybe there is a balance of 2/3rds and 1/3rds.

The 2/3rds element of this map are the villages, towns and cities of oneself. Recognised through the values and qualities we hold dear, and have been the rock of stability as we move through life.

They are the things others recognise us by.

On this map, they are the holding places of settlement and fortification.

Anchor points of living lights.

Now, as we walk from village to village it’s possible to hear the whisper on the breeze of guidance.

Guidance that prompts us to the mystery pathways of the UNDISCOVERED SELF.

Of course, this journey may not be for everyone.

There are enough challenges in handling the known right now.

Yet from the moment we arrived in this part of the universe, we have been travellers into the unknown of oneself.

That journey doesn’t grind to a halt in the presence of lockdown living.

The evolutary winds don’t stop blowing.

The signposts to the future are still being lit everyday.

Having a map creates a focus, and prevents us from getting caught up in the fog of prevailing uncertainties.

It will be UNIQUE to you.

Never before written.

And the start of the journey to the undiscovered treasure of oneself.

Make it So!

NOTE: This post is aligned to THE LASER LIGHT. The Light of Breakthrough

Time To Reflect On What You Can Change!

Spiritual CoachingSo here we go. A New Year, and all the fresh possibilities that brings with it.

And yet we find ourselves in carryover lockdown scenarios that have held sway for nine months.

These scenarios seem to carry overbearing shadow light psychologies that can create a sense that CHANGE is inaccessible.

And yet CHANGE may be more accessible than ever.

But maybe not down the well worn traditional pathways, where the light has become dimmed.

So what pathways am I referring to then? Invisible ones?

Well maybe…

It’s like a subtle change of direction that doesn’t alter the course of travel, but alters the flight path enough to make it feel like we are walking an unwalked path.

It’s an inner recognition that MORE OF THE SAME isn’t going to work.

It’s for each person to find their own subtle shift, based on pattern recognition that either leads to, or doesn’t lead to the undiscovered self.

It’s like walking with CHANGE, whereby CHANGE whispers in the breeze gentle suggestions that might be an aid to avoidance of the paths of over usage.


Things may seem limiting right now. But know that within all of us, our inner guidance system is constantly navigating the ways forward that lead to the who we are not yet.

No one said it would be easy.

But, in the time of greatest challenge often is found the time of greatest possibility!

NOTE: This post is aligned towards THE REFLECTIVE LIGHT. The Light of Contemplation.

We Need Your Genius!

Spiritual CoachingWe need your genius! Phew! Big statement. Really? Right now?

Surely it’s enough to get through the day right now, with wellbeing, heart and soul intact? True. That’s hard to dispute.

Yet as the overbearing shadow lights appear to gain strength, the light of your uniqueness is needed more than ever.

The light that makes you the only YOU there has ever been in the history of the universe.

When shadow psychologies hold sway, that unique light of YOU, can feel suppressed. Shut down. Swamped.

But that is when its presence is needed.

For it holds the light of a different future.

Our uniqueness is like a sacred gift.

Each of us carriers of unique combinations of light and lights.

Designed to light up this part of the universe.

Only you knows what it feels like to be YOU.

Only you can trace the moments of your life when you felt that sense of self.

When YOU were with YOU.

So know that your uniqueness is special.

Try to hold the space free for the unlit lights of you to be lit.

Even in the most challenging circumstances, the flame of a single candle can illuminate the darkness.

May that light be YOURS!

NOTE: This post is aligned toward THE IRIDESCENT LIGHT. The Light Of Originality.

You Are Wiser Than You Think!

spiritual coaching“You are wiser than you think.”

Really! What makes you say that? It doesn’t seem a very profound thing to say…

Wisdom feels like such a subtle thing.

Living intelligence from the laboratories of living, it doesn’t come with a fanfare.

The aggregation of life’s experience, captured in such a way to give instant insight into any given situation.

A self-created intelligence agency, designed to offer a unique way of looking at things.

Of course, if it was this easy we would all be hubs of creativity and originality.

But there is the noise, the hubbub. The throbbing milieu of incessant demand that draws us into collective habitual and biased thinking, leaving our own intelligence systems potentially neglected and unused.

So listen to the whisper in the breeze. Give space for the insight that comes from within.

From the eyes that have experienced; the senses that have absorbed and listened carefully.

Given by the gods, so that we can have an inner intelligence network that guides us and shines a light along our future path.

The path we have not yet walked. And helps us avoid the traps that lead us away from our possibility.

Yes, I know. It’s not always easy. Habit pulls hard on the sleeve of our thoughts.

But know that within us, our inner intelligence network is always active.

Always at the ready for when it’s called upon. Always scanning. Always assessing.

So that we can create original light in this the part of the universe.

Make it so!

NOTE: This post is aligned towards THE LIGHT OF ILLUMINATION. The Light Of Wisdom.

Here Comes Change!

Spiritual CoachingI don’t think there is anything profound or ground breaking in intimating that CHANGE is in the air.

It’s only a few days away from the New Year.

We have to negotiate change based messages every year. So what’s new?

Well, this feels like CHANGE CHANGE. Compound change.

The whole family of change coming knocking on the door demanding access. And it ain’t going away quietly!

Each year we set intentions for the year ahead.

The late December period of business quietude allows us time to reflect on who we have been in the last twelve months.

And what changes we want to make to turn weaknesses into strengths etc.

But this time the world feels like it is being turned upside down.

It’s no longer business as usual.

The winds of change feel so fierce, that minor incremental changes don’t feel enough.

It’s forcing us to re-examine who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Like a re-direction into the core fundamental codings and lights that make each one of us special.

Code carriers of the unique, the never before happened, that it is upon us to unlock in our personal journeys of self-discovery.

These potent incoming winds of change are catalytic upon that uniqueness.

A rallying cry to be close to oneself.

Forced by circumstances to no longer put off what it is we want to do, to contribute our light into the human evolving story.

It may not be easy. It may not be straightforward, but within us all is everything we need.

The winds of change may be unavoidable. But they are not our enemy.

They are friend and companion to the evoluting human.

So embrace these times. These moments. They may never come again…

Welcome To The Undiscovered You!

Spiritual CoachingSo you’re probably asking, how can you welcome the undiscovered you, if it’s undiscovered?

Which is a reasonable question.

It’s pretty easy to wander down the streets of cliche city, when discussing themes around potential and so on.

In reality, the undiscovered you belongs in the realms of the unknown of oneself, and doesn’t lend itself to too much definition, or over-bearing hyperbole.

But it’s a fact that every one of us has the possibility coded within, to continue to grow and develop.

And maybe it’s possible to make it easier for the undiscovered self to reveal itself, by how open we remain to the ‘who we are not yet’.

Our successes, habits, behaviours, personal identities can shape and define us, ive us points of stability and self-recognition.

But they can also fix us in WHO WE HAVE BEEN.

And deny us access to the future self, who may not be remotely interested in who we have been!

Which merits the question, what is the future self interested in?

Is it like a child in the womb that needs nurturing and caring for?

With messages of warmth, care, love, gentleness.

A welcoming environment that lays the foundation for the thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions, sentiments that we have never experienced before.

As in I love the who I am not yet, more than the who I have been, because it is here my future lives’.

As we grow older, there are many psychological fears lying in wait that put limits on who we may become.

But they don’t help keep the door open to the future self. They close that door firmly shut.

So be glad that there is more to come.

That we are not limited by who we have been.

Keep a light glowing that celebrates the who we are not yet.

It may not have a name, It may not have definition.

But it lives within us all.

Waiting for its time. Its moment. Its liberation!