The Flash Of Light

The 23 lightsIn 2016, scientists at Northwestern University, Illinois made the remarkable discovery that at the point of conception, upon the union of sperm and egg, a flash of light occurs.

And that this flash of light, made up of biophotons is then woven into our DNA.

Human DNA is held within 23 pairs of chromosomes, and research has shown that each pair of chromosomes has different qualities, characteristics and attributes.

This then suggests that within us all there are 23 different natures of light.

This might explain why there are so many descriptive words for light around the human experience.

For example:

• They are a very Bright individual
• They were Glowing with happiness
• They Sparkled with joy
• Things are starting to Dawn on them
• They are a Beacon of hope
• It was a Dazzling display from the maestro

The 23 Lights, the lights woven into our DNA at conception and birth, give us our uniqueness and code for living. When our lights are switched on we feel fulfilled and aligned with our purpose.

Life has a flow to it. Everything feels on track.

However, when our lights are switched off, we don’t feel ourselves.

Something doesn’t quite feel right. But we don’t know what it is.

This can cause restlessness, and at times, feelings of gloom and perhaps despondency.

We know our lights are off, but don’t know how to get them switched back on.

This is the purpose of the 23 Lights Energy Boost work.

What Is This Thing Called Light?

spiritual mentorThe Greek philosopher and wise man Empedocles, posed the question, ‘What Is This Thing Called Light?’, way back in the mists of time.

And yet, even today, LIGHT has a mystic hold and mystery to it. Yes, there have been breakthroughs in different disciplines in understanding LIGHT, but it still belongs in the realms of the unknown.

But maybe that’s part of its nature and character. Elusive, not easy to pin down. The greater the mystique attached to it, then the greater the awe and wonder that surrounds it.

If we knew everything there was to know about LIGHT, then perhaps the awe and wonder would disappear. Maybe it’s in the pursuit of understanding LIGHT that the task lies. Thus not to understand it fully, but the pursuit itself creates LIGHT within, by the very acts of curiosity and fascination.

As the Bard said, ‘light seeking light doth light of light beguile’. That LIGHT is created by our fascination of LIGHT.

Maybe it can never be fully understood, nor is meant to be. But the presence of LIGHT is the trigger for the creation of LIGHT. Thus LIGHT is added to. A magical proposition indeed.

If our friend Empedocles was around today, there’s every chance he would still be asking, ‘What is this thing called LIGHT?’

Keep The Joy Alive!

spiritual coachingJOY! What would life be without it?

Like inseparable brother and sister.

Within JOY we find life. And in life we find JOY.

What an amazing thing! Yet also sometimes elusive.

The many demands of getting by living can close the front door upon JOY.

Which waits patiently nearby, seeking a moment, just a moment of opportunity, to be part of the human dance.

In the currencies of life, I wonder where JOY figures?

Often relegated because it doesn’t pay the bills.

Yet how mournful is the lament of a joyless life.

Like it is separated from a core fundamental.

So, may it be that JOY is your companion this day.

If only for a moment.

Reconnect with this vibrant always young friend.

Drink in its elixir, its rejuvenating power. And feel revitalised.

I know it’s not always easy. Restrictions made hard hold sway.

But making space for JOY is an act of kindness for both oneself. And for JOY!

NOTE: This post aims to capture the spirit of Sparkle, the Light of Quiet Joy

Individual Yet Connected

spiritual coachingSo many times in life it can feel like we are alone.

Walking our UNIQUE path. Singular. Focused. Independent. And yet…

There seems and feels to be so much more.

There are those who hold the BEST of us in their hearts.

Those who witness what we do and how we do it.

Those who are connected to us by sympathetic resonance.

There are those whose lives we may have only engaged with briefly, who hold remembrance of us.

Or those whose lives we come into contact fleetingly, but with whom something passes.

And there are those who have gone before, who we are joined and connected to through lineage and other connective lines of mutuality.

And then there is the potential support that may come through other realms.

Not ordinarily seen, yet felt, agencies of support for the human endeavour in this part of the universe.

So yes, it’s easy to feel alone.

Yet what if we are all part of an interconnected network of life and living, in which each of us can contribute to grow the whole?

Whether it be your courage, artistry, kindness, warmth, helpfulness, support, mental acumen, the list is endless.

Your voice may not be heard. But your PRESENCE here is valued. And VALUABLE!

Each Moment New!

spiritual coachingEach moment in life, NEW. Never happened before, and will never happen again.

And yet it seems easy to miss so many of these MOMENTS.

Pre-occupations hold sway. Filters of the mind – unresolved issues, what has been, what will be – haunt our consciousness.

And they hide the MOMENT from view.

And yet there it is, for us to experience.

Through the unique vista of our eyes, to capture, be enthralled by, entranced by.

Part of a never ending SEQUENCE of moments, that are part of the line of LIFE.

You might say, ‘So what! I’m being, and doing stuff!”, and thats fine.

But a MOMENT could be a doorway into the untapped of oneself.

The paths least travelled.

Entry point into a new self.

The self who experiences. Lives. Senses. Engages.

An un-discovered self.

It’s all there, waiting to be tapped into.

And losing oneself in the moment, this moment, may be a catalyst.

For the moments pass so quickly, if we don’t pay attention.

And with it the magic of life and living!

NOTE: This post attempts to capture the spirit of the DAWN LIGHT. The Light of Awakening

Time To Shine

spiritual coachingWelcome to the potent power of Shining. Always lifting spirits, mood, morale. Changing feelings in an instant.

To SHINE is to give LIGHT to others. Where your light becomes their light.

Why? Because you BELIEVE.

Believe in something better. A greater something else.

Something inside the human dignity that is not ordinary!

Like being able to see beyond the challenges and difficulties that beset us all.

And SHINING your light to vitaminize the best of us.

To SHINE is a devotion to a deeper feeling.

That despite all we have to go through in this part of the universe, the human is a force for good.

For in the presence of the SHINING light, goodness will prevail!

The Colourless World Of The Shadow Light

spiritual guidanceThe shadow lights are a bit like the dream world of oneself.

The internal mysteries lodged in the sub-conscious, that can subtly influence how we think about ourselves.

What we do. And how we do it.

Like another world within our world.

Where all our experiences of life and living are stored, sometimes coloured by our own interpretation of events.

And yet, is it possible that true reflection is colourless?

Placed in the house of storage without bias, or loaded one way or the other?

Which, if true, helps to avoid psychologies such as, ‘This always happens to me!‘ or, ‘Here we go again!” or, ‘I’m unlucky!’.

Maybe the colourless view is to see things from other perspectives, as if on the outside of oneself looking in.

Like having another pair of eyes that doesn’t carry past loadings, but sees things as they are. Each moment made anew.

The persuasion of the self-view is strong. A fortress for the identity that offers self-certainty.

Which, yes, gives us a sense of who we are. And what makes us, us.

Yet maybe the LIGHT based view is much less imposing.

Like a whisper on the breeze to oneself. Gentle reflections that are never over-bearing.

Each human being is unique, and a mystery. Unfinished.

With always the possibility of continued growth and development.

So maybe the too fixed self-view can cause us to stand still, be locked in to who we have been.

Whilst the LIGHT based mystery view avoids these potential traps, as it keeps the space open and free for the who we are not yet!

Which is perhaps, the greatest mystery of all!

Calmness – The Gateway To Change!

spiritual coachingNot more personal development based posts about Calmness! Please! I know…

Calmness has played such a luminous part in the human development story.

An abiding constant. Untroubled by the swirling eddies of doubt and uncertainty.

Calmness is almost sage-like in its seeming serenity.

As if holding to a deeper knowing about oneself, or one’s situation.

Like its experience means it carries the coded wisdom that, beyond troubled and dark times, the light will rise again.

Like a wise counsel that has been there and done it. Seen it all before.

A maternal presence that knows that goodness will prevail.

Some days it’s hard to get a sense or feel for what’s happening.

Are we in a time of history repeating itself? Or on the borderlands of the rich pastures of the unknown?

In the presence of calmness, thus, there is no need to know.

No need for certainty.

For its settling ways reduce anxiety and inner turbulence, and allow things to be as they are meant to be.

Calmness itself may not be the catalytic agent of change.

But without it, the finely tuned balances of new emerging possibility may be destabilised.

So be glad that for now, it is enough and okay to not know.

For soon enough, in time, the next steps will become clear!

NOTE: This post aims to capture the spirit of the Luminescent Light

Welcome To The Inner World Of You

spiritual coachingThe inner world of YOU. Why does it need a welcome message? I’ve lived with myself all my life!

Which is true. But the INNER WORLD feels mysterious.

There is the experience of living with oneself. But there seems so much more…

The life of the instinct. The heart. The brain. The soul. The spirit. The mind. And so much more, places it’s possible to recognise the names of.

But what really goes on there? What’s daily life like there?

What are the stresses and strains experienced there?

What are the joys and uplifts that are felt there?

An outward focused, results orientated life can lead us away from the inner pathways.

Of course a life totally dedicated to the inner way, can take us away from the city of many results, and that’s unlikely to work either: imbalance holds sway.

So what did the gods have in mind when we were gifted with this inner world?

Is it an internal guidance system for us to learn and understand?

To develop empathy with, to be companionable with? For the heart to know us, and for us to know the heart?

To share intelligence? And for these inner living intelligences to grow as we grow? To develop as we develop, in harmony, and in unison?

If this is true, then it’s no small undertaking. For so much we are taught, from school onwards, is outward and results focused and orientated.

So perhaps it’s time to come home.

To be with the oneself of oneself. And from out of that sanctuary, make fresh forays outwards.

The benefits of this inwards first approach may be less burn-out, less stress. Less demand upon oneself.

It’s easy to under-estimate, in the much to do and much going on, the magic of being human.

So, maybe in the space of lockdown winter is there room to breathe in, and appreciate for a moment the very fact of being human.

For if not now, then when…

NOTE: This post aims to capture the spirit of the Light of Glisten

Healing, Lights and the Coronavirus

Scientists at Edinburgh University recently discovered that genes on 4 specific chromosomes seem to play a big role in those who experience the severest effects of the coronavirus.

These are chromosomes 4, 12, 19, and 21.

And the 23 lights associated with these chromosomes are:

4:   Glow (The Light of Warmth)

12:  Shining (The Light of Happiness)

19: Illumination (The Light of Wisdom)

21: Diamond (The Light of Values)

Glow is related to doing the things that you love to do. As well as compassion to self and others.

The Shining light is when you rise above bitterness, judgement, blame etc., and constantly see the good in all things, because of your faith and adherence to the ways of the divine.

The Illumination relates to new intelligence, perception and insights. Fresh ways of thinking. And wisdoms accrued from life and living.

The Diamond is the casket of living values. The things you stand for and have forged through endeavour, that cannot be corroded.

Maybe it would be possible in the future that you could go into a Lights Apothecary and order remedies for ailments, e.g.

  • 4.1 parts Glow
  • 2.3 parts Shining
  • 0.5 part Illumination
  • 1.4 parts Diamond