What Was Before Is Not The Same As What Will Be!

Spiritual CoachingWhat was before is not the same as what will be! It sounds obvious doesn’t it? Almost cliched.

But we feel right now that we, both individually and collectively, are walking the bridge of change. Change that heralds new times and new ways. Change that is a natural part of the human growth and development.

Which may well mean leaving things behind. Habits, behaviours, mindsets, emotions, that we don’t want to take with us into our newly appearing future.

So, think that it’s good to cast aside things which may have served us in the past, but right now, no longer feel important or relevant.

So hold fast. Hold steady. And trust that inner guidance system which may be prompting you right now, as you walk the bridge of change.

The beauty of being human is that we are designed and created to be able to handle change. So make change your friend. Without it, there would be no future!

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