Here Comes Change!

Spiritual CoachingI don’t think there is anything profound or ground breaking in intimating that CHANGE is in the air.

It’s only a few days away from the New Year.

We have to negotiate change based messages every year. So what’s new?

Well, this feels like CHANGE CHANGE. Compound change.

The whole family of change coming knocking on the door demanding access. And it ain’t going away quietly!

Each year we set intentions for the year ahead.

The late December period of business quietude allows us time to reflect on who we have been in the last twelve months.

And what changes we want to make to turn weaknesses into strengths etc.

But this time the world feels like it is being turned upside down.

It’s no longer business as usual.

The winds of change feel so fierce, that minor incremental changes don’t feel enough.

It’s forcing us to re-examine who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Like a re-direction into the core fundamental codings and lights that make each one of us special.

Code carriers of the unique, the never before happened, that it is upon us to unlock in our personal journeys of self-discovery.

These potent incoming winds of change are catalytic upon that uniqueness.

A rallying cry to be close to oneself.

Forced by circumstances to no longer put off what it is we want to do, to contribute our light into the human evolving story.

It may not be easy. It may not be straightforward, but within us all is everything we need.

The winds of change may be unavoidable. But they are not our enemy.

They are friend and companion to the evoluting human.

So embrace these times. These moments. They may never come again…

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