Permission To Be Brilliant!

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Why would we need permission to be Brilliant? Who from? The Registered Office of Brilliance?

No. From oneself. Because there can feel like a curtailment upon one’s own Brilliance.

“What will others say if we are Brilliant?” “I don’t want to appear a show-off.” “How could I possibly be Brilliant?”

All sorts of psychologies can hold sway that can limit our possibility.

But why not be Brilliant? Why not develop and grow around the things you love to do, so that you reach a level of expertise that allows your lights to cause others to say,  “Wow!”.

For when they say “WOW!”,  a little bit of that Brilliance transfers to them. Meaning there can be more Brilliance in the world. More Brilliance = more light, and therefore more possibility for each and every one of us.

So that Brilliance creates Brilliance creates Brilliance! Make it so!

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