Welcome To The Undiscovered You!

Spiritual CoachingSo you’re probably asking, how can you welcome the undiscovered you, if it’s undiscovered?

Which is a reasonable question.

It’s pretty easy to wander down the streets of cliche city, when discussing themes around potential and so on.

In reality, the undiscovered you belongs in the realms of the unknown of oneself, and doesn’t lend itself to too much definition, or over-bearing hyperbole.

But it’s a fact that every one of us has the possibility coded within, to continue to grow and develop.

And maybe it’s possible to make it easier for the undiscovered self to reveal itself, by how open we remain to the ‘who we are not yet’.

Our successes, habits, behaviours, personal identities can shape and define us, ive us points of stability and self-recognition.

But they can also fix us in WHO WE HAVE BEEN.

And deny us access to the future self, who may not be remotely interested in who we have been!

Which merits the question, what is the future self interested in?

Is it like a child in the womb that needs nurturing and caring for?

With messages of warmth, care, love, gentleness.

A welcoming environment that lays the foundation for the thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions, sentiments that we have never experienced before.

As in I love the who I am not yet, more than the who I have been, because it is here my future lives’.

As we grow older, there are many psychological fears lying in wait that put limits on who we may become.

But they don’t help keep the door open to the future self. They close that door firmly shut.

So be glad that there is more to come.

That we are not limited by who we have been.

Keep a light glowing that celebrates the who we are not yet.

It may not have a name, It may not have definition.

But it lives within us all.

Waiting for its time. Its moment. Its liberation!

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