You Are Wiser Than You Think!

spiritual coaching“You are wiser than you think.”

Really! What makes you say that? It doesn’t seem a very profound thing to say…

Wisdom feels like such a subtle thing.

Living intelligence from the laboratories of living, it doesn’t come with a fanfare.

The aggregation of life’s experience, captured in such a way to give instant insight into any given situation.

A self-created intelligence agency, designed to offer a unique way of looking at things.

Of course, if it was this easy we would all be hubs of creativity and originality.

But there is the noise, the hubbub. The throbbing milieu of incessant demand that draws us into collective habitual and biased thinking, leaving our own intelligence systems potentially neglected and unused.

So listen to the whisper in the breeze. Give space for the insight that comes from within.

From the eyes that have experienced; the senses that have absorbed and listened carefully.

Given by the gods, so that we can have an inner intelligence network that guides us and shines a light along our future path.

The path we have not yet walked. And helps us avoid the traps that lead us away from our possibility.

Yes, I know. It’s not always easy. Habit pulls hard on the sleeve of our thoughts.

But know that within us, our inner intelligence network is always active.

Always at the ready for when it’s called upon. Always scanning. Always assessing.

So that we can create original light in this the part of the universe.

Make it so!

NOTE: This post is aligned towards THE LIGHT OF ILLUMINATION. The Light Of Wisdom.

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