What Do You Want Them To Say About You?

Spiritual CoachingWe can’t control what others say about us.

But we have control over the contribution we make to the world.

The sharing of our gifts and talents, for the benefit of all concerned.

When you stand for something, it means you are COMMITTED to seeing more of those qualities in the world.

So, what do you STAND for?

For if not YOU, then who?

And this is how you become known for something. Because of your DEDICATION to the things you stand for.

Which means that people will say, ‘They were a person who stood for something!’

This is maybe the finest accolade that can be paid.

In the world today, leaders often fail to take their people with them, because it is difficult to see what it is they stand for.

This is why leadership begins with you. With me. With us.

If you are not clear about what you stand for, ask your friends.

Ask them what the qualities are that they see in you.

They can probably see very clearly what it is you stand for.

And when you STAND for something, you RADIATE that quality out into the world.

Making the world a brighter place.

And who wouldn’t want that?!

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