What Makes This Day Different?

Spiritual Coaching Yes, every day is unique. A never happened before magical happening, making itself manifest daily.

Yet it doesn’t always feel that way.

Some days, the overbearing gloom of late autumn combined with lockdown can make it hard to appreciate the possibilities coded within a new day.

Sometimes it’s enough to manage our self-care, and make sure we are okay in the midst of many challenges.

And yet… the Dawn Light has an irrepressible nature.

A shaft of light that beckons us to see things in a new way.

Even in the midst of withdrawal and containment.

It’s like a beckoning hand inviting us to see our life, or our daily routines from a different perspective.

Or a prompt that suggests we take a walk, and then unexpectedly, we glimpse buildings that perhaps we have previously ignored, from a different angle.

An angle that shows those buildings in a new light.

The new light being The Dawn Light, the light of AWAKENING.

This subtle shift of perspectives, however small, allows new flashes of light to enter into our stream of consciousness.

Light which refreshes the inter-connected cellular network, and thus allows us to move out of gloom, even if only for a moment.

But it’s a precious moment, as that shaft of light is remembered, because of its causative effect.

Thus prompting us to seek more of these moments in the future, such is the micro-uplift they cause!

So remember… one moment can be enough.

One moment when you are able to step aside from the habit and the routine, and see and experience daily life through fresh eyes.

And bring to our inner world the natural elixir that prevents overbearing gloom holding sway!

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