The World Needs Your Brilliance!

Spiritual CoachingWhy does the world need your Brilliance? Because Brilliance is liberating, uplifting, informing, enhancing. It causes people to go, ‘Wow!’

And you might think that brilliance is the preserve of others. Who are you to be Brilliant? Well who are you NOT to be brilliant?!

Brilliant occurs when you devote and dedicate yourself to the thing you love to do, in such a way, that you start to really OWN the territory. Not in a possessive way. But in a fascinated, curious, ‘cant stop learning’ kind of way.

Like when you and the thing you love to do become joined, in such a way that you start having thoughts and ideas you may have never considered before. And when you share them, people go, ‘Ah thats brilliant!’. Why?

Because that idea or thought has just come out of left field, and it adds to their understanding of something in a surprising and interesting way. Thats what Brilliance can do. And that’s one of the many reasons as to why the world needs YOUR Brilliance!

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