There is a fascinating documentary showing on Netflix, called ‘Misunderstood’. It tells the story of talented French footballer Nicolas Anelka, who was famously sent home from the 2010 World Cup, for disrespecting the beleaguered coach Raymond Domenech.

Spending time with Anelka is like getting a glimpse into the world of the Iridescent Light. The Light of Uniqueness. Nicolas is a very gifted player, with a strong sense of self. Not arrogant, but self-assured. And when he perceives that he is not understood, as in the fall out with Raymond Domenech, then he REACTS.

As in, “If you don’t understand me, then I don’t rate you as a motivator and leader. In which case, why should I play for and do my best for you?”

It’s very common in life for the gifted Iridescent individual to feel misunderstood. Why? Because they are different. They walk the path less travelled. This misunderstood feeling can also make them anxious, as they are not sure where they stand both with others, and with their place in the world.

When Anelka hits out at Domenech, he seems so disdainful of the manager’s inability to understand his talent, that he refuses to absorb into himself this weakness. This belittling energy. As if it may contaminate his uniqueness and sense of self. However, whilst an understandable reaction, it ultimately becomes an act of self-sabotage.

For Nicolas has denied himself the opportunity to serve the French team and the French nation on the world stage, for one more game. Now he will consider this a necessary sacrifice in honour of the sanctuary of his uniqueness. But there are other options to consider.

One of the developments in the Iridescent Light is to be less affected by how others think about you. For when you have been misunderstood throughout your life, you can be easily triggered into reactivity. However, if you don’t seek to be understood by others, then it can negate that self-sabotage trigger.

If you understand yourself, then you exude a sense of calmness, even when others don’t get you. That calmness is born out of knowing your place in the world. Knowing what that uniqueness is for. Knowing how and why you can make a difference.

For our gifts and talents are not just for us. They are to help bring more LIGHT into the world. And we do that by switching on our own lights. Switching on our code of uniqueness.

So the key for the Iridescent person is to be okay with not being understood by others. By understanding yourself and what makes you YOU, the light of understanding radiates throughout you. Which brings healing, and is also attractive to others, who sense the aura of calmness around you, which in turn brings calmness to them, and their own understanding of self!

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