The Light Of Lights

Personal Development

One of the descriptions that goes with Luminescent is An Uncommon Transparency

There’s a refreshing openness and candour with Luminescence. No desire to be perfect, or seeking to hide one’s imperfections.

It’s like when we are in the presence of the Northern Lights. There is an awe about the ways of the universe.

So why do I need to pretend to be different to who I am? For if the universe is as amazing as it appears, it knows all about me anyway!

When the Luminescence is switched on, it’s like having a light on around you that lets you see yourself for who you are.

The saying on the wall in the House of Luminescence might be:

‘Be at ease with who you are,

For you are the only you that has ever been.

Living in this part of the universe

Means that you inherit many of the challenges and struggles that have gone before you.

So do not judge yourself by the mistakes you have made,

Or the supposed flaws in your make-up,

For these are of no account.

But consider the kindness and care that emanates from your heart,

And the lives you touch with your warmth,

For this is the mark of being human.

Remember – you are not alone

And you are not forgotten.’


Core Qualities:

1: Trust

2: Honesty (Not Deceptive)

3: Lightness of Being


Shadow: Crepuscular

This is the shadow that brings in fears around control and trust.

Often this control comes from how others have imposed their will upon us, thus limiting our ability to express ourselves freely, speak our mind, follow a natural development path and so on.

Or it can stem from incidents in our lives where we have handed over trust to others, and that trust has been abused. Causing us to build our defences around issues of trust. This can also mean not trusting ourselves when it comes to making decisions. So doubt and procrastination holds sway.