The Light Of Breakthrough

Personal Development

A cupful of Laser is the perfect antidote to sluggishness, procrastination, and lethargy.

As the Laser cuts through the fog, no messing.

But the laser doesn’t work by itself. It needs instruction and direction.

The Laser needs us to tell it what we need.

And often when we experience the fog of dispersion, it’s hard to find any kind of focus, as we drift from thing to thing!

Core Qualities

1: Willpower

2: Highly Focused

3: Increased Intensity


Shadow: Dispersed

Dispersed is the scattering of our energies in many different directions.

It can leads to feelings of, “I seem busy, But what am I really getting done?”

This can develop psychologies of avoidance or even denial, as we fill our time with activity.

But is that activity serving us, or distracting us away from our purpose?