The Light of Passion

Personal Development

People who live by the way of The Incandescent Light are catalytic in their nature and way.

They make things happen. Not accepting the status quo, they are mavericks who challenge the norm.

For they see and feel different possibilities to others, and are fearless in championing what they believe in and stand for.

They create the space for others to follow.

The Incandescent Light is like a powerful fire inside.

It’s not something we need to draw on everyday, but sometimes it’s necessary to push back some space.

Speak our truth; say, “this is how it is for me”.

Make a decision about something we have been putting off;

Stand up for what we believe is right.

Its nature is fearless and courageous.

If you want to move out of a negative space, then this is the light!

The Incandescent Light helps us to rise above adversity, bullying, hurt and pain.

It slices through the mud that has been packed around us by others and cuts it away, revealing the true self underneath.

Because the incandescence is strong enough to break through anything.

The downside of ignoring the Incandescent Light is that things can build up inside, that eventually boil over.

Causing us to be Incandescent with rage!


Core Qualities:

1: Passion

2: Belief

3: Courage


Shadow Light: Low Key

This is the shadow of Incandescence.

It’s about the feeling that comes with the quiet suppression of one’s truth.

And the fear of the consequences of being able to say “this is how it is for me!”

Low Key also brings in psychologies of self-deception and denial, as these are ways of avoiding seeing the truth about oneself at any given time.

Deception creates stories about oneself that mask reality.

So…let’s get that inner fire lit!