Healing, Lights and the Coronavirus

Scientists at Edinburgh University recently discovered that genes on 4 specific chromosomes seem to play a big role in those who experience the severest effects of the coronavirus.

These are chromosomes 4, 12, 19, and 21.

And the 23 lights associated with these chromosomes are:

4:   Glow (The Light of Warmth)

12:  Shining (The Light of Happiness)

19: Illumination (The Light of Wisdom)

21: Diamond (The Light of Values)

Glow is related to doing the things that you love to do. As well as compassion to self and others.

The Shining light is when you rise above bitterness, judgement, blame etc., and constantly see the good in all things, because of your faith and adherence to the ways of the divine.

The Illumination relates to new intelligence, perception and insights. Fresh ways of thinking. And wisdoms accrued from life and living.

The Diamond is the casket of living values. The things you stand for and have forged through endeavour, that cannot be corroded.

Maybe it would be possible in the future that you could go into a Lights Apothecary and order remedies for ailments, e.g.

  • 4.1 parts Glow
  • 2.3 parts Shining
  • 0.5 part Illumination
  • 1.4 parts Diamond
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