The Light Of Warmth

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It’s good to glow!

It is said that you glow when you love what you are doing? But why is this?

Is it the love that causes the glow? Well yes that’s very likely.

But what if the love is a result of your code getting switched on?

Your code being the unique combinations of ingredients, that make you the only you there has ever been in the history of life in the universe.

To discover your code is one of the great joys of living.

Because your code is a mystery from day one.

Then you start engaging with life, and discovering things that fascinate you and take your interest.

Maybe you discover a love of dance from an early age.

Well what if the code for dance, rhythm and movement got switched on in you? Maybe triggered by seeing some amazing dancing at a show or on TV.

The code seeded into you by the divine influence, so that you could bring light into this part of the universe.

But also you’ve been given the gift of discovering all this for yourself.

So that when you dance, that code for dancing gets switched on in you.

And when the coded light gets switched on, you glow, because when the divine seeded the code in you, it did so with glow. Or with unconditional love!

So when you look back at the trace of your life, you can find many moments when you glowed.

Doing things you loved to do. These moments of glow, are clues that reveal the code of you.

Discover the code. Discover you! And make the glow glow!


Core Qualities

1: Warmth

2: Happiness

3: Contentment


Shadow Light: Faint

For those of us who love to give to others, we can sometimes give so much from our well of compassion, that we leave nothing for ourselves.

When others are in need, our natural compassion makes it very hard to say no.

But over time this can have a cumulative effect.

Slowly draining our systems of the heart force of glow.

We start to feel tired and exhausted.

Until one day we realise we have nothing left to give.

So let’s work on WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU!