The Magic Light

Personal Development

Imagine that within us is an intelligence network of cells, organs, nerves, brains, soul, spirit and so much more, that is created to be in service. Supporting us as we grow and develop.

But as we live our lives, there can be so much that impacts on our relationship with this magical internal network.

Demands in many forms. From the demand to make a living, to the demands we may make of ourselves.

From a perfectionist streak, eg “I’m not good enough” to fear of failure, eg “What if it goes wrong?”

Basically these messages are delivered into our intelligence network, and I wonder what the network makes of hearing statements repetitively of  “I’m not good enough?”.

Maybe they then work extra hard to please us. But at the cost of over-working the systems, leading to potential burn out.

So to Glisten is to be in harmony with our internal network.

To be empathic, supportive, caring, loving, gentle, warm. For these are the vitamins that sustain the network, and cause well-being.

Glisten is like a marriage between the network and ourselves.

A small dew drop of sentiment, formed from our relationship with ourselves.


Core Qualities:

1: An Internal Quiet

2: A Feeling Of Stillness

3: A Sense Of Calmness


The Shadow: Patchy

Patchy is what happens when there is so much internal noise going on, you are no longer really listening to yourself.

The gentle unobtrusive prompts from within…from the heart, instinct, soul, emotions and so on, all go unheard amidst the constant traffic of life’s demands.

It means we can make decisions that go against our best interests, simply because we are not in tune with our inner worlds.

So let’s rebuild those inner harmonies, leading to increased well-being and soul satisfaction!