There are weekly 23 Lights Events on the Zoom.

This gives you a chance to experience each of The 23 Lights in a safe and welcoming space.

And also meet and interact with other members of the growing 23 Lights community.


Coming Up: Tuesday May 17th at 5pm UK time

The Night Of A Million Lights

It began with one.

Then a few more.

Then more and more arrived.

Like a compelling force was drawing them to that place.

In that time.

In that moment.

To be in this presence was special.

One you’d never likely forget.

And it wasn’t just the people.

But the LIGHT.

It was stunning.

Like LIGHT you hadn’t seen before.

You couldn’t help but be moved.

I hope you can be there.

You will add to it.

I know that.

Everybody counts.

For it has been said, that the world will be different, when those who can make a difference, make a difference.

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