The Light Of Presence

The notation that goes with the Emanatory Light is “The world will be different, when those who can make a difference, make a difference”.

To Emanate is to have a presence and radiation that influences other people or situations you find yourself in.

It’s where the things you stand for and believe in have crystallised in such a way, they give off a light that helps others find direction or purpose.

Or maybe offers healing well-being and settlement.

You may think, well surely this is the preserve of the real leaders and important people in the world?

But that’s an outdated psychology.

For if you are able to touch people’s lives with your kindness; warmth; care; thoughtfulness; insights; perceptions and so on, then this is leadership.

For you are helping others create more light in themselves.


The Core Qualities

1: Presence

2: Radiance

3: Charisma


The Shadow: Hazy

The Hazy shadow light carries subtle psychologies.

If we have developed skills or expertise in a certain area of our life, then there comes moments when it’s time to share our work with others.

Sharing our work and skills causes growth and development.

However the Hazy Light might cause us to think we are not good enough.

  • Who’s going to listen to me?
  • What if people ridicule my ideas?”
  • Who am I to give advice to others?
  • I’m no expert.”

Whereas the thoughts, ideas, philosophies we have developed may be of great benefit to others.

Bringing insight, well-being, enhancement, fortitude and so on.

So let’s take the time to rewrite these old psychologies, and self-views. For this is the time for your light to RADIATE OUT!