Each Moment Unique

spiritual coachingOf all the very moments that we have lived. Each one UNIQUE. Never to be repeated.

Yet brought alive through our capacity to capture it.

Not as in enslavement. But to hold dear, hold close by, hold respect for. Even reverence.

So the moment has a new life in the eyes and senses of the living observer, to maybe last hundreds of years.

The moment cannot do this by itself.

But we are gifted with the ability to have this relationship with moments.

Which, themselves, are dewdrops of life.

Of course, many moments slip by. Through the bulging net of pre-occupation.

But to be in the presence of a moment is a taste of freedom.

Freedom for the senses. For the soul. A freedom away from much to think about.

Back into and along the line of life and living.

Each moment new.

Appearing for the very first time.

Sequences of events brought together into a single moment of time.

For us to build value in ourselves around the things we class as important.

Perhaps because they match our inner code that makes us unique.

Moments. Codes. And Values.

As the Virgin Queen Elizabeth 1 said on her deathbed, ‘I will give all of my precious jewels, for one more moment of life’.

A moment in history that has lived on.

And with it the eternal wisdom that reminds us of what we can easily take for granted.

So by your senses, let the moment find a new home in you!

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