Each Moment New!

spiritual coachingEach moment in life, NEW. Never happened before, and will never happen again.

And yet it seems easy to miss so many of these MOMENTS.

Pre-occupations hold sway. Filters of the mind – unresolved issues, what has been, what will be – haunt our consciousness.

And they hide the MOMENT from view.

And yet there it is, for us to experience.

Through the unique vista of our eyes, to capture, be enthralled by, entranced by.

Part of a never ending SEQUENCE of moments, that are part of the line of LIFE.

You might say, ‘So what! I’m being, and doing stuff!”, and thats fine.

But a MOMENT could be a doorway into the untapped of oneself.

The paths least travelled.

Entry point into a new self.

The self who experiences. Lives. Senses. Engages.

An un-discovered self.

It’s all there, waiting to be tapped into.

And losing oneself in the moment, this moment, may be a catalyst.

For the moments pass so quickly, if we don’t pay attention.

And with it the magic of life and living!

NOTE: This post attempts to capture the spirit of the DAWN LIGHT. The Light of Awakening

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